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Frequently Asked Questions!

1) I want to join a course! Can I start next week?

A: Courses run year round. We take bookings all week long subject to availability. Take a look at our Courses!

2) How do I register for a course?

A: Feel free to contact us on info@amlanguage.com, by phone on +35621323242 and online through chat on our website www.amlanguage.com or through our facebook page. You can also book through an agent.

3) How do I know my level?

A: A placement test will be given to you, which you can do at home or here at school. Depending on your score you will be placed into a class.

For Teenagers, you will be tested on your first day of school and placed into a class.

4) What happens on my first day?

A: If your lessons begin in the morning then there will be a Welcome Meeting at 830 am before your lessons or at 1230 pm if your lessons begin at 1 pm. The Welcome Meeting happens every Monday in which you are introduced to the school, the director or studies and the Activity Coordinator.

5) Do I need to bring any materials with me?

A: No. We provide every student with course materials. It is advisable to bring your own stationary such as notebooks and pens.

6) Is the school and the accommodation close to each other?

A: Our shared apartments are within walking distance( max: 10 minutes) of the school. We also use hotels and host families in the Sliema area (max: 30 minutes walk).

7) Do I have to book accommodation and transfers through the school?

A: No, not necessarily. The school offers accommodation and airport transfers but you are free to book as you wish.

8) If I book accommodation and transfers with the school, what is the procedure?

A: On the day of your arrival you will be welcomed by our airport representative who will guide you to your taxi. You will be dropped off at your accommodation.

In the case of our shared apartments, our Check-in representative will accompany you and explain our rules and guidelines and will be very happy to answer any of your questions.

9) Do I need a VISA? What do I need to do to apply?

A: Firstly, you can check on this website to see if your country is listed. VISA required countries. Please feel free to e-mail us on info@amlanguage.com for any clarifications and more info. Our school will help you with your VISA application.

11) At what time do lessons start?

A: We offer both morning and afternoon lessons subject to availability. Morning lessons begin at 9 am while afternoon lessons begin at 1 pm in Winter time and at 1:30pm in Summer.

12) How many students are there in class?

A: This depends on the course that you choose. The maximum amount of students in a class is 12 for Adult classes while for teenagers it is 15.

For more info follow this link: Courses

13) Can I change my course to an exam class?

A: Yes. Depending on availability. For our exam classes students must be at least at Intermediate Level. Take a look at our exam options: Exam Courses

14) What kind of free time activities do you offer?

A: Free time activities are seasonal. Our school organises activities to suit all ages and tastes all year round. We visit historical places, go on hikes, take day trips to the sister islands of Gozo and Comino, BBQs, parties and much more.

15) Can I book accommodation without lessons?

A: Yes. You can book our accommodation separately without any lessons. Please take a look at our accomodation prices.

16) What do Half Board and Full Board mean?

A: Half Board or HB means Bed, Breakfast and Dinner at the hotel while Full Board or FB includes Lunch as well. (This is normally a packed lunch given by the hotel or by amCafeteria)

17) How much money do I need to bring with me?

A: For one week you should bring at least 75 Euro to pay for food, bills and activities. It is advisable to bring more especially if you would like to travel around freely and pay for refreshments or entertainment. Click here for some prices to help guide you.

18) Are credit cards accepted in Malta?

A: Yes all Visa, Electron, Plus, Mastercard, Cirrus, Solo, Maestro cards, American Express and Diner’s club are accepted at all ATM’s in Malta. Debit Cards are also accepted as long as they have been activated for International use.

Most restaurants and large shops will accept credit cards. You will need cash money for most small purchases and from purchases made from smaller shops.

19 ) Can I exchange money?

A: Most banks offer an exchange service. There are also independent bureaus around Sliema in the vicinity of the school.

20) Is the school accredited by any organisations?

A: Our school is an accredited FELTOM school and is also accredited by the eltCouncil. Check our accreditations here!

21) Do you offer courses for teenagers or children?

A: Yes we do! We have courses for Teens aged 12 to 17/18 years old and Kids courses aged 8 – 11 years of age.  Please check our courses here !

22) Does this mean that my young kids will be mixed with 18 year olds?

A: No, we divide children into two groups Teens: 15 – 17 and Young Teens : 12 – 14. Young Learners 8 – 11 will be grouped together.

23) Where is the closest Airport?

A: Malta has only one Airport in Luqa. We offer a transfer service in which our representative will come to meet you at the airport and make sure that you find your taxi and get on your way to Sliema as quickly as possible.

24) Does Malta have public transport?

A: Malta has an extensive bus system which runs from early in the morning to around 11pm with some night buses. To know more about prices and ticket options click here.

25) Do I need insurance?

A: This is optional. If you wish you can book your own insurance or book your insurance through us. We do recommend coming to Malta with insurance especially if you’ll be staying here for a few weeks.

26) Is there a cancellation policy?

A: In the event that you cancel your booking prior to your arrival, the following charges will apply:

1. More than 7 days notice: 25% of your total cost as a cancellation fee.

2. 7 to 3 days notice: 30% of your total cost as a cancellation fee.

3. Less than 3 days notice: the full price will be charged.

4. No refunds are given after commencement of the respective English course, accommodation or any other services.

Please Check our Policies for more information.




Nomi, Netherlands, July 2019

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Livia,Brazil,July 2019

If I can give an advice to learn English it is to come and enjoy every moment here, you will feel like being part of a family. Open your mind and breathe the culture. You will have a wonderful experience with the best team of teachers and staff!

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Caroline, France, July 2019

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Anna, Germany, July 2019

I feel really lucky that I had the opportunity to know them better!It is also important to me to study at home to improve myself!

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Simone’s IELTS Testimonial

Two months ago I decided to test my improvements taking the IELTS exam and so I started to attend the IELTS Course. Since this exam has very specific tasks, at the beginning I found very difficult to understand how to deal with them and I wasn't sure I would have reached the score of 6.5 I needed. But, thanks to the expert (and patient!) IELTS teacher I had, I could score a 7! Plus, I even managed to score a 9 in the reading. I’m so happy!  

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Patrizia, Austria, May 2019

To me, the best advice to learn english is to come to Malta and especially to Am Language Studio. I  can also suggest to take part in the activities the school organize because it is the best way to practice.

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Kristina, Slovakia, May 2019

To me, the most memorable experiences in Malta were the parties, all the trips we did, the several people and the news friends I get as well. If I can give an advice for those who want to learn English, coming to Malta and especially at Am Language Studio is the best option, you should do it!

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Liis, Estonia, May 2019

If I can give an advice for those who want to learn English: go ahead!! Learn and communicate, be brave and do not be afraid of making mistakes!

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Domenik, Germany, May 2019

I got an insight to different cultures and their societies and that was a way for me to improve my cultural competence.

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Diego, Italy, April 2019

During the lessons I enjoy a lot speaking with everybody.I get on with all of my classmates and I learn every day many things about their culture.

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Why choose Malta? Why choose am Language Studio?

am Language Studio is the ideal place to improve your level of English. Led by a young dynamic team our commitment is towards offering students from all over the world a truly unforgettable learning experience on the Islands of Malta. Yet don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials and see what our students have to say instead.

Full immersion

Join am Language Studio and enjoy a complete English experience. From our staff to our leisure programme, take advantage of a complete English experience. Our leisure programme offers diverse activities for adults, teens and juniors alike and is a fantastic way to meet and interact with people from all over the world in English.


Our aim is to cater to your needs. All courses are offered in a friendly, personal and professional environment and our teachers are all licenced, highly experienced, native speakers of English. We offer a wide variety of courses to suit different requirements and are expert in providing tailor- made programmes.

Accreditation and Licensing

am Language studio strives to bring you the highest standards in all aspects of your stay. As a founding member of FELTOM and having all departments accredited by ISO 9001, our aim is to ensure that we offer the highest quality services possible. am Language Studio is licenced by the Ministry of Education and ELT Council.