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MAria Aviles / May 30, 2017

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Ever been interested in teaching English to foreign students as a part time/ full time job in Malta?

Here at am language studio we offer the TEFL course, this certificate is the most basic qualification needed to teach the English language as a foreign language in Malta. The course will be conducted by Kevin Spiteri, who is an experienced teacher trainer.

This course will be held as a crash course throughout June and July. The June course will start from the 19th June until the 30th June with lessons daily from 09:00 – 14:15, small breaks included.

The July course will be held from 03rd July until 14th July with lessons daily from 09:00 – 14:15 also.

Teaching practice together with peer observation will be held from 3pm till 5pm on selected days. Observation hours will be fulfilled during the school’s normal operating hours between 1500 and 1630.

The total course duration is 45 hours, which includes 1 hour teaching practice (30 minutes with real students), 4.5 hours guided observations, 15 hours guided/independent research. Participants will be assigned a series of texts to read in preparation for the various sessions. Various topics will also be targeted for independent research with particular reference being made to Component 2 Assignments 1 & 2.

If you are interested in taking our course and becoming an English teacher this summer, please contact on our website.

Thank you

Emma Scerri