Can I book an English Course without Accommodation?
Yes You can. You can also book any of our accommodation alternatives without booking one of our courses.

When can I start my course?
Courses start on a Monday. Students arriving mid-week due to flight problems are allowed to join upon arrival. Our courses normally start every Monday all year round.

How long does my course last?
A booking can be made for a minimum of one week. Private Tuition is offered  for a minimum of two sessions per day for one week.

How do I know which course level to join?
We will send you a test by e-mail and when this is returned we will know your level of English. You will be given a timetable according to your level.

What can I do with my spare time?
The school offers a varied, but optional, programme of activities ranging from water sports to cultural excursions.  Activities page.

How far away from school is my accommodation?
Our accommodation alternatives are all placed close to the school.  Most accommodation is between 10-20 minutes on foot. In some case you may need to take a bus but details are given upon making your reservation.

How do I get from the airport to my accommodation?
Transport from and to the airport is offered on request. If you do not wish to book a transfer from the school you may catch a bus or take a taxi from outside the airport.

How will I find my way to school on the first day?
Upon arrival our school representative will hand you a Welcome Pack. This will contain, amongst other things, a detailed map of the area with the accommodation and school clearly marked. We also offer 24/7 telephone assistance  should you need any additional help in finding your way.

What does Half Board (HB) and Full Board (FB) mean?
HB = Breakfast + Dinner  FB = Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

If I need a Visa, how do I obtain one? 
am Language Studio offers assistance to students applying for a visa. Visa Application Guidelines.

How much is public transport in Malta? What is the cost of public transport in Malta?
Getting around in Malta is normally quite easy. Malta offers a good bus service which runs from 05.30 till 23.00.  For more information  Public Transport
In addition to the bus service you can rent a car, bike or scooter rent a cab or hop onto one of the ferries that service the islands.

How much spending money should I bring with me?
Once your accommodation and tuition fees are paid you would  only need about Euro75.00 per week to cover a snack lunch, a few soft drinks, postcards, bus fares and evening entertainment. You will need more money if you enjoy eating in restaurants and plan to buy a lot of souvenirs.

Can I pay by Credit Card?
Yes am language Studio accepts credit payments @ a 5% processing fee.

Are credit cards accepted in Malta?
Yes, all major credit cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants and you can use ATM machines to make cash withdrawals. There are numerous ATM machines where you can make cash withdrawals.

Where can I change money?
In the arrival hall at the airport you will find an exchange office and there are many others around the main tourist areas. All banks and exchange offices accept major currencies.

Please have a look at our Policies.

Mustafa, Turkey, May 2017

I studied AM Language Studio for 18 weeks. I choose this school because, I had heard a lot of good things about Am Language Studio. If can, I’ll return to Malta and AM Language School.

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Quentin, France, May 2017

It was the best choice in my life and also my best experience. The people are great and you never have time to get bored. Thank you for all AM Language, thanks to you I come out of this experience more mature.

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Luisa, Italy, May 2017

The School organized a lot of activities, very funny and interesting, every week. I think that if you want to improve your English, meet fantastic people and live a wonderful experience, come to Malta and choose am Language Studio. It is the best way to learn English. I will never forget my experience in Malta!!!! Thank you everybody.

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Marta, Italy, May 2017

I chose this school because I read a lot of positive reviews about the courses and school activities. I highly recommend am Language Studio for learning and improving your English. This is a place where you can meet a lot of fantastic people and live an unforgettable experience.

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Julia, Germany, April 2017

I chose this school because booking was easy and I hear a lot of good things about the school. I only had positive experiences and I am very glad that I went on this trip. It is great when you improve your language abilities and meet other students. I think AM Language Malta offers you an excellent opportunity to do this.

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Steevens, France, April 2017

I’ve chosen am language because they are professional and they got an excellent reputation.

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Marie, France, April 2017

I've choose Am language because it's in Malta. For me Malta is an interesting place because of weather and of its beautiful landscapes.

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Mio Furukawa, Japan, April 2017

Why l choose am lounge school? I chose this school because of its review on the internet.

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Baris, Turkey, April 2017

I chose am Language Studio because I know that with them I will improve my English also for the experience to live alone and to meet new people in Malta.

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Emanuele, Italy, April 2017

When I go back to Italy, I would recommend am Language Studio to my friends, because it is the best place to learn English.

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Why choose Malta? Why choose am Language Studio?

am Language Studio is the ideal place to improve your level of English. Led by a young dynamic team our commitment is towards offering students from all over the world a truly unforgettable learning experience on the Islands of Malta. Yet don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials and see what our students have to say instead.

Full immersion

Join am Language Studio and enjoy a complete English experience. From our staff to our leisure programme, take advantage of a complete English experience. Our leisure programme offers diverse activities for adults, teens and juniors alike and is a fantastic way to meet and interact with people from all over the world in English.


Our aim is to cater to your needs. All courses are offered in a friendly, personal and professional environment and our teachers are all licenced, highly experienced, native speakers of English. We offer a wide variety of courses to suit different requirements and are expert in providing tailor- made programmes.

Accreditation and Licensing

am Language studio strives to bring you the highest standards in all aspects of your stay. As a founding member of FELTOM and having all departments accredited by ISO 9001, our aim is to ensure that we offer the highest quality services possible. am Language Studio is licenced by the Ministry of Education and ELT Council.