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Ecco cosa pensano gli studenti di am Language Studio – la scuola d’inglese di Malta situata nella città più vitale dell’isola!
Francesco Checco Biasia Francesco Checco Biasia
 Hi, my name is Francesco and I am from Italy. I have studied for 6 weeks at AM Language Studio. I chose AM Language because an agency in Italy recommended this school. I started my course at pre-intermediate but after 2 weeks my English really got better. My teachers were Michelle P. and Michelle C. I love Michelle’s P. teaching style because she is a very enthusiastic person and I really admired the passion with which she teaches. From the third week I started an intensive course with Michelle C. who made the lessons surprisingly fun. Thanks to them I feel confident about the exam to move to intermediate. When I started to study here most challenging for me was the grammar. But thanks to the activities I could improve my speaking quickly. I am 35 years old and when I started this adventure I was very doubtful about my comeback to the classroom. But the involvement during the lessons and the perception that time flew by, I surprisingly want to return to this school. My classmates were amazing!! All people came from all over the world which made me realize how much I still have to learn. I also studied at home, but I think that the many activities have been able to replace the hours of study at home. The most memorable experience has been to get to know people who have become friends and who I will surely meet again in the future. A huge thanks goes out to all of them and especially to the teachers and leaders who have made this experience unforgettable!! 
Yulia Kostina Yulia Kostina
 My name is Yulia and I´m from Russia. Since 3 weeks I am studying at AM Language. I chose AM Language because my agent adviced me. It was the school with the best activities and still low priced. I am doing pre-intermediate right now, but it is too easy. I will maybe change my level next week to intermediate. My teacher is Kyle, he is the best teacher! In his lessons it is so much fun and we do a lot of speaking. Most challenging about my course is the grammar. Also difficult is working with articles, which is totally different in Russia. What I enjoyed most about my lessons were the friendly people and my good teacher. My classmates were nice, but I spend most of my time with my flat mates. With my flat mates I like to cook dinner and enjoy a nice meal. My most memorable experiences in Malta were the gozo and comino tour, especially the crazy sofa was amazing! For new students I can advice to stay a long time in Malta and preferably in the summer. Everybody come to AM! 
Rouslan Khamidoullin Rouslan Khamidoullin
 Hi my name is Rouslan and I am already for 5 weeks at AM language . I chose AM Language to do my English course because my agent advised it to me. Furthermore I chose AM Language because of the competitive prices they have, compared to the other language schools I started at intermediate which is the right level for me. My teacher said I could go to upper intermediate but I wanted to stay some more time in intermediate because of my grammar. My grammar still needed improvement so I chose to stay longer at my current level. My teacher is Tessa B, her pronunciation is very good and her teaching as well. I like that we speak a lot during the lessons. We discuss a lot of difficult things and have many discussions and conversations. My classmates were nice, they changed all the time but I noticed that everybody is very motivated. They are always interested, even after a night at Paceville. I did not do home study often but I will do my best to improve that. My most memorable experience are all activities and all the interesting people I met. My favorite activity was the top secret beach trip. I liked that you could see something of the nature and have a great time. If I have time I will definitely come back! To all people who want to learn English I can advice to never hesitate and just go to AM Language! 
Henry Kotterba Henry Kotterba
 Hello, my name is Henry. I’m 54 years old German from Berlin. Half a year ago I thought over improving my English, because since I’ve had English lessons at school 40 years are gone …. So I lost a lot of knowledge I had before. What to do? At internet I found out a great chance: learning English in Malta! I have been at Am Language Studio for two weeks in lessons at upper-intermediate level. Our teachers are Michelle and Leila. You can’t find better ones! We have so much fun, sometimes joking and often laughing. I think that makes improving your English easy and you will keep it in your mind for a long time (next 40 years?) Otherwise I like the style of changing the methods – reading, discussing, filling in forms, listening, crosswords etc. And because the classmates are from different nations you have to speak English all the time, get the chance to learn something about other cultures, other views to the same point. And English can have such a lot of pronunciations! I enjoyed many free time activities too. They are well organized and really great. I came here on my own, and it is so easy to find new friends independent of your age or nationality or what ever. The longer I am here, the more impressions I get. I can’t say what the most memorable one is. Thank you for that wonderful time. Thanks to the staff which is “around you all the time” and helps you in every situation! So if you want to enjoy improving English – come here. I really can recommend Am Language Studio. Sure I will come back! 
Anastasiia Shpakova Anastasiia Shpakova
 Hi, everyone! My name is Nastia and I’m from one of the beautiful city in Russia which is called Saint-Petersburg. I spend in Malta 4 months and It was my second experience in Am language. Last summer I was a student and I fell in love with this island that’s why I decided to come back again for more period of time and do my internship here. I ‘m absolutely sure that it was the best experience in my life. My whole life I have been dreaming to speak English, because nowadays it’s very important. First of all, because it’s very prestigiously and second of all it’s an international language and speaking English gives us an opportunity to get a very good job and speak with people all around the world. I remember how elaborately I tried to choose a school to learn English, I checked a lot of schools and finally chose the best… I remember how I started to learn English last summer at that time I had a pre-intermediate level. It was really a stressful time when everyone around me was speaking foreign language. I tried to speak but it was too hard. But after two weeks step by step I started to speak. Now I have upper-intermediate level and I’m so thankful to my teaches Lisa Scerri, Lucy Darmanin and Leila Scott… They are really professionals. They taught me a lot. During the lessons we had very interesting exercises. We focused a lot on speaking and grammar, and in my opinion that was a good way to learn and practice the language. And being a leader this year was really an amazing experience where I met a lot of people from different countries, made a friends who I will miss so much. Now I have a lot of good memories from this beautiful time and I grateful for that. I’m also thankful to all my colleagues whom I was working with. In Am language I realized what is a team work. Now I’m leaving and there are no words to describe how sad I am. I really want to stay here longer but I have to go back to reality. I am not saying good bye, I am saying see you guys. Because I am defiantly coming back to this wonderful Island. Best regards, Nastia. 
Marina Udrya Marina Udrya
 Hi! My name is Marina and I’m from Russia. I’ve been in Am Language for 2 months. I wanted to start speaking English since I was a kid but I didn’t have the opportunity. I had just basic knowledge which I got in primary school. As all people who are want to speak a foreign language I had problems with speaking. That’s why I decided to go abroad to learn English. I chose Malta because of the weather. In September it is still warm and sunny here. I couldn’t decide which school I would go to. My agent recommended me AM Language. I checked it in internet, read the reviews and looked through the profile in Facebook and then realized that I wanted to go to this school. I remember my first day… I came to my block and met my roommate. She was one of the leaders of the leisure department. She told me about the school and activities and invited me to go to Valletta in the evening… There I met with some of the students and we had a very nice evening. I’ve never regretted about my choice. The school is really perfect. The staff is very friendly and cooperative. I’ve started from pre-intermediate level and finish with intermediate. My teachers were Kyle, Michel and Tessa . They made our lessons very interesting and useful. We paid a lot of attention to the speaking exercise and I’m strongly confident that my speaking skills are improved. I’m really happy because I had such friendly classmates. Also the school has a good leisure department which gives us opportunities to go out together and visit different parts of the Island. It was one of the best holidays in my life, I know that I will come back as soon as possible. See you soon, Marina 
Olga Ujanka Olga Ujanka
 Hi, my name is Olga. I came from Russia and had a 2 weeks course at AM Language Studio in October. It was my first time to study English abroad and my first trip to Malta - it was really bright for me. The lessons were nice and useful. Thanks to my best teacher Michelle C. I have met so many new interesting and kind people. But I have only taken part in a few activities of AM Language Studio student because two weeks flew by as one day. That why I’m writing this letter and asking all of you to support me. Who have been here will understand me, who weren’t – should try! Many thanks in advance! Olga 
Senem Sakine Bozkurt Senem Sakine Bozkurt
 Hi! My name is Senem and I’m from Germany. I had a course at AM Language studio for 1 month. I wanted to come to AM to improve my English and friends recommended this school too me, because it was so great! In the beginning I didn’t had a lot of confident to speak English to other people. And now after 1 month I can say that I am really proud of myself! I am not afraid any more to speak and my grammar also improved a lot. Also when I know it’s is not correct what I say I try to explain it and I am not afraid to ask questions anymore! Thanks to my teacher Michele P. She teaches with all her hart and soul, she is really amazing!! I studied almost every day at home for a hour at least. I’ve met a lot of fun people in the school from all over the world,I will never forget them and my host family. My most memorable experience in Malta were the activities like Gozo,Birgufest,wine and three cities etc. The activities are one of the greatest things in the school. Also a really good thing is that you will never feel alone in this school, everyone is one big family and always helping each other. The last thing I want to say is thanks to everyone who has made this month unforgettable for me!! xx-Senem 
Ira Göckell Ira Göckell
 Hello! My name is Ira and I’ve been here for 3 weeks to study English. It never felt like just a school for me, everyone was always so nice it was more like one big family. I chose Malta because of the nice weather so that it was a holiday and study at the same time. During the lessons we had a lot of fun while we were learning English. I have to thank my two teachers Michele and Gina for being so nice to me. My classmates were very young in the first week but after 1 week I had private lessons and that was better for me. Also I have to speak about the activities it was always so much fun! My favourite activities were Olive festival and South of Malta tour. The best things about Malta are the people, sun and the food. The best places I visited her were the cathedral in Valletta and the Fish market in Comino. And of course I have to speak about the best part of being at Am, and it’s about the people. It has been amazing to share these 3 weeks with people from all over the world. I will never forget this whole experience. It’s really sad to say goodbye but I’ll never forget the 3 weeks I shared with all of you. I hope to see you all again!