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Ecco cosa pensano gli studenti di am Language Studio – la scuola d’inglese di Malta situata nella città più vitale dell’isola!
Isabelle Blum Isabelle Blum
 Hi! My name is Isabelle, I'm 19 years old and I come from France. I have stayed in Malta for 10 weeks, from the end of April until the begin of July. I came back in France 2 weeks ago. I went in Am Language Studio to make an internship in the marketing office to valid my first year of study about international trade. I chose Malta because I went in this island few years ago with my parents and I kept an amazing memory of thats trip. Moreover, on one hand, I knew that in Malta there are a lot of foreign people with whom I could improve my english, and, on the other hand, when I finish my work (or during the weekend) I would have been able to go to the beach, visit beautiful places of the Island and... go out in party with my crazy friends! I worked in the marketing office with Katya, Tutku, Marisa, Gabriella, Alina and Maria. At the beginning was hard because I didn't understand all what my coworkers said to me but at the end I really enjoyed going to work because we were laughing most of the time and even if the girls had a lo(oooooo)t of work, the atmosphere was relaxing and really nice. This first work experience reconforted me because I felt quickly part of the team! I didn't make a lot of school activites, but the ones I did (Comino, boat party, roof top bbq party, international dinner and lot of Welcome parties and Paceville night) were unforgetable. My favourite one was the Welcome party because it was the best moment for meet new people from the whole world, and enjoy the music at the same time. I think we could create links easily in Welcome party because everybody was there for meet new person with an open-mind mood. The thing I like the most in Malta ware the people, from Malta or from abroad. I really like this country because I made many friends from lot of different countries, with culture very different from mine. They take care of me, and they have made of this trip the best of my life. This internship was unforgettable because it was my first experience abroad, and, even if I have already made lot of trip with my parents, I never had foreign friends. Met "different" people was for me the best part of my trip because it changed my mind about lot of things, I feel more open minded and grown up, and now I want to make more trip in far countries to discover new people and new culture. I will never forget my first Welcome party because I went with my new flatemates, they were very kind with me and they explained me everything about the school. For the first time I really felt the atmosphere of Am Language Studio, with a lot of people from abroad. After this first amazing party I was sure that this experience will be unforgettable ! The best place I have visited was Comino, espacially while the sunset. My plans for the future are to see again all the friends I have met in Malta and visit their country !!! Finally I want to say thank you to all the people working in Am Language Studio for their warm welcome and those who made me really appreciate this internship !!! Kisses from France, I hope to see you again !!! 
Anže Marinko Anže Marinko
 Hello my name is Anze Marinko and I come from Slovenia. I’ve been in Am Language studio two weeks and I chose Malta cause my brother was already here 3 years ago and he was very satisfied about it. I study English because Slovenian language doesn’t have so many speakers and I need to improve for my study of medicine. I really like my classroom , there were many germans but we always speak with them in English. My teachers too were very nice and I enjoyed everyday. The school activities are very good, I enjoyed in all of them , my favourite was go karting and foam party. I love the weather in Malta , the sea and of course the people with different interest. Everyone can find a friend here. I won’t forget the Leaders who were really nice to me and all people that I’ve met here. Valletta it is the best city that I’ve been, really nice. When I come back in Slovenja I’m going to be a surgeon a I hope to start work soon. Thank to everyone .Am Language Studio 
Simonka Bednarčíková Simonka Bednarčíková
 Hi, my name is Simona and I´m from Slovakia. I´m 18 years old and I´m a student. I have been in Malta for 3 weeks and I think it´s short time to see everything what is interesting in Malta. I chose Malta for English because I´m studying at secondary school and the next year I have to pass my graduate exam in English and I ´ve heard lots of interesting and funny story from my friends who spent time in Malta. I like Malta because of friendly people, culture and weather of course. I had the best teacher ever- Michelle, who improved my English better. I ´ ve made a lot of friends from different countries and I´ll never forget them. The best place I´ve visited was Blue Lagoon and Comino Island. It ´s such an amazing place with beautiful view.I really like the Welcome Party, I´ve been for 3 times at the party because I enjoyed a lot of fun there. I´ll miss you my friends and i hope I´ll see then again soon. Thanks for everything Am language studio,friends,teachers, ... With love,Simona 
Luis García Pérez
 Hi, my name is Luis Garcia Perez and I come from Spain. I have been in the school just for one week but it has been a beautiful experience. I am studying English because I need it for my work and also because it is really useful for meet new people from alla around the word. I chose Malta to study English because a lot of friends recommended it. What I can say about my teacher and my classmates is that I have found them all really nice. I have also appreciated a lot the activities that the school organize during the free time, my favourite was the welcome party on Monday. The thing that I like the most of Malta is the people I have met in Am Language and I will never forget it. The best place I have visited during my experience were Mdina and Valletta. My plans for the future are carrying on with English lessons and I hope it will happen again in Malta! Bye bye 
Juan Grau Climent Juan Grau Climent
 Hi to everyone, I’m Juan Grau Climent and I come from Spain. I’ve been here in Malta for one week I chose Malta because I thought was a good mix with beach, party and school. I need English for my Job and also cause is an International Language, I found in Am language studio a good atmosphere, like a family, I always enjoyed and found good friends. My favourite activity of school is Welcome Party, which is the best event for socialize with new friends. I’ve been with school in Blue Lagoon and I enjoyed a lot, it’s an amazing bay, water and beach. I will never forget this school and time that I’ve spent here. My future plans is to continue to visit different countries and meet different people from all the world. Thank you to everyone and I hope to come back one day. 
Rodriguez Diaz Alba
 The overall organisation is very satisfactory. 
Giesa Alexander
 Everything perfect! All activities well organised. 
Veit Anja,
 The organisation was great. 
Di Fenza Antonio
 It's very good experience.