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Ecco cosa pensano gli studenti di am Language Studio – la scuola d’inglese di Malta situata nella città più vitale dell’isola!
Pablo Menezes Pablo Menezes
 Hello, my name is Pablo and I am Brazilian. I was in Malta for 4 weeks with my wife and it was our first experience studying English in exchange. I was able to meet wonderful people from different parts of the world, play volleyball with a group of Maltese that I made friends and experience the diverse beauty that Malta provides. It was memorable. Our school AM Language Studio was the starting point for all of these experiences. We have learned a lot in such a short time thanks to the quality of professionals and activities proposed by the school. Thank you AM Language Studio, soon we plan to come back. Pablo Menezes. 
Narci Nicolaie Narci Nicolaie
 Hi! My name is Ionica Narcisa Nicolaie and I’m from Romania. I’ve been in Malta for 2 weeks and I’ve come to improve my English, especially speaking because it’s really important for me. 2 weeks was too short for me, next time I want to stay longer at Am language studio! I’ve chosen Malta because it is a beautiful place and I love the sunny weather, so you can mix learning English with having a holiday! My level is still elementary but I already made a lot of progress especially at speaking. I enjoyed all my lessons, because I liked the style of teaching of my teacher Gina. She is very patient, she explains everything really good too me and repeatins everything a lot. The great thing about this school are the plenty activities, you can meet new people and having fun together. My favorite activity was the Sicily tour and Gozo, which are also the best places I’ve visited in Malta! In Malta I’ve met so many amazing people of different nationalities and had many great experiences, which I’ll never forget. I recommend everyone to study also at home for 1 or 2 hours per day to improve and stay for a longer time in Malta because 2 weeks was too short! I want to thank everyone for this unforgettable experience and I hope to see you again! 
Francesca Bergamasco Francesca Bergamasco
 Hello, I'm Francesca from Italy! I'm 19 and I decided to come to Malta for 6 months to improve my English. It looked very difficult to choose among the schools which are here in Malta, but my agent reccomended me AM Language Studio school for the price and the good reputation. I started 1 month ago and I was Intermediate level. I found in the class a fantastic teacher and very sociable classmates who made me feel rather at home. I am quite good with grammar, so my best challenge was the speaking and the pronunciation. The lessons organised by Tessa (my teacher) included a lot of discussions and speaking, so I improved very fast and yesterday I passed my test for going to upper-intermediate class!! The best thing of this school is that it organised a lot of activities and it is a good way to make new friends very fast and know the way of style of people from other Countries. My advice for who want to learn English is to go abroad and don't be shy, speak with other people and enjoy your holiday as much as possible! — at Am Language School 
Claudia Nassini Claudia Nassini
 Hi, my name is Claudia and I studied for 11 weeks at AM language. A friend of mine, a teacher from EC school recommended AM language to me. I was doing the level pre-intermediate and my teachers were Michelle and Lisa. Michelle uses a lot of useful phrases and conversations. Lisa is able to keep the lessons interesting, everyday again. Most difficult about my lessons was to ask questions. What I enjoyed most was when we went out to the terrace and we worked as a team. My classmates were very friendly, I liked them all. Also my housemates were really nice, they were very kind. I also studied at home, in Italy I even have a teacher for 2 hours per week English lessons. My most memorable experience on Malta was the cyclone of November 7th, I will not forget this one. All people who want to learn English I can advice to not wait until you are 40 years! ‘’Non è mai troppo tardi’’ — at Am Language School 
Ivan Koprivnic Ivan Koprivnic
 Hello, my name is Ivan and I have studied for 3 weeks at AM Language. Before I studied in another language school but they did not have organized events like AM. Therefore I chose AM language to do my English course now. I studied at the level of intermediate. 3 weeks were not enough to progress to upper-intermediate. Intermediate was the right level for me, some things were easy and other things were more difficult. My teacher was Tessa B, she always creates a very relaxed atmosphere. We also speak a lot during the lessons which I find very important. Most challenging was the vocabulary. I am looking for the best way to learn the vocabulary, most important for me was reading and repeating it. About my lessons I enjoyed most that we had discussions with people from other countries. My classmates were very nice and fun, and I also learned something about their countries. The most I learned about Russia, thanks to Ruslan! I also studied at home, almost every day! What I will remember most about Malta are the friendly, polite and nice people I have met. For those who want to study English I advise you to come to AM. Best is to go in the summer so you can join all the activities while the weather is still great. The combination of learning and enjoying is perfect. 
Ariane Migliorin Ariane Migliorin
 Hi!! My name is Ariane Migliorin and I am brazilian. I`ve been in Malta for one month with my husband in january of this year. I have come to improve my English and lose my fear for this different language. At the beggining it was very dificult for me, but my teacher helped me to feel more relaxed. My level was pre-intermediate and I was very happy because I progressed a lot with a perfect teacher and friends that I made in AM Language. I really like Am language school because you can do a lot of fun activities and meet new people of all the world. With the AM Language, I and my husband participated in a lot of activities. Some of these were: Welcome Party, Tour in Valletta, Cinema Night, Games Night, Salsa Night, Catacombs and Mdina. Malta is a wonderful place, has lovely people and a lot of history. If you want to improve your English, meet nice people and meet a perfect place, go to Malta and study in Am Language. I`m sure that you will love this unforgattable experience. In January we will come back to Malta and Am Language, of course!! See you soon!! 
Nur Bek Nur Bek
 Hello everybody. My name is Nurbek. Im from Kyrgyzstan. I live in Russia in Sochi. This year I graduated from the music conservatory, class vocals. So often I sing English songs and therefore I decided to study English in Malta. The choice was great because I chose Am school and I do not regret it. This is my first time in Europe, so I was very impressed. Malta is a very beautiful country. People are very friendly and the school is just wonderful, teachers, staff, and students. I remember my first day at school, I could not really speak English, only say hi and I did not understand anything. Now I begin to talk a little bit and I'm happy. I met a lot of people from other countries. And now I have a lot of friends who speak other languages. Days are flying by very fast and fun, every day in school is exciting and every week they have a new program. I want to say thanks to the persons who spend time with me. Come to learn English in Malta. It's cool. You will definitely like it! Thanks to everybody. Nurbek 
Gloria Ricciardi Gloria Ricciardi
 Hello guys! I'm Gloria from Italy. I've been in Malta for 2 months. I had the great chance to study at AM school thanks to a scholarship. I started my course at upper intermediate level with Michelle. She is very funny, as a matter of fact the lessons were never boring and I really enjoyed the conversation with my classmates! What I found most challenging during my studies was the listening! In my opinion, if you want to improve or learn English in this wonderful island you have to practice it outside the school and study hard at home! My most memorable experience was meeting a lot of beautiful people from all over the world!:) A big hug to everybody! 
Beata Nagy Beata Nagy
 Hi Everyone, My name is Beata and I am from Hungary. I spent two fantastic weeks in November in Malta and studied at AM Language Studio. What a sweet November! It was one of the best decisions of my life, I really enjoyed each day of my studies and adventures. I chose this school in Malta as it was recommended to me by a good friend of mine, who works as an agent at MasterClass, so they know the best schools in Malta. It met my requirements, moreover, I have never thought that learning English could be so much fun! I highly recommend the school to everyone who is planning to improve his or her English or to even those, who are just lack of confidence with their English. During the two weeks I was on that beautiful island, I learnt English in 20 lessons per week in Monica’s class, at the Advanced class. There were only 4 of us in the group with a great nationality mix: a Russian boy, a Polish girl, my teacher, Monica and myself. The classes were demanding and challenging with a lot of homework, but they were still fun. Speaking was my biggest enemy , I found it really challenging at the beginning, but the class, the teacher, the staff and my new friends gave me a lot of positive feedbacks, so I became more and more relaxed about using my English, I gained a lot of self-confidence by their support. I am very grateful to all of them for this! My favorite parts of the lessons were the communicative parts and that they were interactive and dynamic lessons. I will suggest my friends who are still struggling with their English to take part in language courses at AM, as it really works. I had many memorable experiences in Malta. I really enjoyed studying and living in Sliema, I think this is the best part of Malta for an international student. I loved Valletta and Paceville nights too, but the most memorable experience was the amazing Gozo and Comino trip. We went on this trip with my new international friends. I made a lot of new and lovely guys, who I miss loads already. Hope to see them soon in Budapest or Sliema! Those who would like to have a total immersion in English in a beautiful country in a great and professional environment, I highly recommend AM Studio. High quality classes, phenomenal and supportive staff, gorgeous international students and an unforgettable experiences. Warm thanks, AM Studio!