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Evaluez votre anglais

Vous pouvez évaluer votre niveau d’anglais avec le quiz ci-dessous. Pour chaque question, choisissez la réponse qui convient le mieux. Ce test prend environ 15 minutes.

Q: What                ?
A: He's a doctor.

I                 a dog or a cat.

There is                 cheese in the fridge.

Have you got                 brothers or sisters?

Susan and                 husband are coming for tea.

I have known him                 15 years.

I met him                .

Q:                 ridden a camel?
A: No, never!

I usually drive to work, but today I                 the bus.

If it rains, I                 stay at home.

Q: What does she                ?
A: She's tall, blonde and pretty.

What                 tonight?

Q:                 a coke?
A: Yes please!

The letter                 delivered.

Q: You're filthy!
A: Yes, I know. I                 wood all day long.

Q: How is she?
A:                .

When I arrived at the theatre, the play                 started.

I                 coffee first thing in the morning - I cannot function without it.

The train                 at 07:45. Hurry up, or we'll miss it!

There                 a tree in the garden, but it was chopped down a long time ago.

He                 to have made his fortune in oil.

Tom                 his things all over the place. It is driving me crazy!

I like                 the dishes straight after a meal.

I remember those days so clearly. We didn't have a care in the world and                 on the sand for hours.

                that he would devote the rest of his life to the contemplation of thought.