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See what some of our past students have to say about out school!

Berkcan Berkcan
 My name is Berkcan. I come from Turkey. I studied 3 months at Am Language Studio. I chose Am Language because my agency advised it. When I came here I was pre-intermediate and after a week I changed to intermediate . My first teacher was Danielle . She was very funny and tried to speak with everyone. My second teacher was Robert and the last one was Lucy. Also Lucy helped me about understanding the British accent and with pronouncation. For me the most difficult part was speaking and british accent. The most enjoyable part of lessons was speaking because you hear different accents . My classmates were amazing and they were good people. I learnt their cultures and their languages. For me, every Paceville night was amazing definetly not with the musics but with our friends ! I had fun every time with them. My advice for you guys, try to go every events and make some friends because as for me, without them I couldn’t have fun . Enjoy Malta guys thank you for everything... 
Margherita Margherita
 Hi to everyone! I am Margherita, I am 25 years old and I come from Italy. I have studied at Am language Studio for two weeks ( but I would have liked to stay there longer). Initially I have chosen Am School thanks to its very cheap prices; but now, after these two fantastic weeks I would choose this school for everything (lessons, Leisure, apartments and nice people that I met). I started from Intermediate Level and I liked very much lessons because we learnt grammar, phonology and a lot of speaking. Only in two weeks I improved my English. My stay was really short, but if someone chooses to stay there longer, he/she can improve and access a higher level. I chose General and Intensive courses and in both class I had two wonderful teachers ( Lucy and Danielle). Both had a very funny and useful way to teach English. In every moment they were helpful. My lessons were always funny and full of things to learn. In my class I met people that come from each part of the world: Turkey, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, France, Japan and other countries.. I learnt something form each of them. Everyone was friendly. Everyone had one goal: to get to know people around the world speaking English. I have a lot of wonderful memories linked to this experience in Malta. If I should describe this experience with one word I would say: FAMILY! From the first moment until the end I have been part of a big, funny, international Family, thanks to the helpfulness and cheerfulness of Am Leisure Team and Am Language School. So without doubts I suggest to everyone this school and this experience. It's the most beautiful way to learn English and to open your mind. I have just one advice for everyone: don't be afraid of choosing long time to stay in this school. Everything is so perfect that the time is never enough! THANKS TO ALL! 
Dunya van Veenendaal Dunya van Veenendaal
 I've been studying English at am language school for four weeks because I'm going to do a study which is completely taught in English. Therefore, I thought it would be good to improve my skills. I followed the intensive course, which means you have three lessons of 1,5 hour a day. My teacher in the morning was Leslie. Because I was in the advances class, there weren't that many students; approximately 4/5. This was really nice because Leslie could give everyone a lot of individual attention. My teacher in the afternoon was Kyle. We focused mostly on speaking in his class. I really enjoyed those lessons! They were never boring and since speaking is an important part of a language, I think it was very useful as well. Apart from the lessons, the school offers a lot of nice activities. Like going to beautiful beaches, sightseeing, barbecues, and of course; the parties. Because of those activities, my journey was a lot more than just a study trip. In this way you also get to know a lot of new people from all over the world. Everyone is really kind and you easily make friends. The leaders were also very nice and made everybody always feel comfortable. I would recommend am language school to anyone who would like to learn or improve their English! I had an amazing time at the school, as well as in Malta. I'll be back! 
Valentina Valentina
 Hallo, My name is Valentina, I'm 23 years old and I come from Italy. I chose Am Language because a friend of mine had come to this school some months ago and she told me very positive things about it. I had studied at Am Language for two months at Intermediate level, my teachers were Michelle C. , Tessa B. and Lucy. They have different method of teaching, for this reason I had the possibility to improve different skills. With Michelle I learned a lot of new words about several topics, she used to organize competitive games between us, and her lessons were never boring! With Tessa I improved my speaking skills because we often had conversation lessons and I improved my grammar skills as well. Lastly with Lucy my English speaking has become more fluent. In my opinion speaking was for sure the biggest challenge for me. In my class there were many students from different countries, we used to speak about our cultures and it was very interesting for me. With some of my classmates I also organised international dinners, parties and tours around Malta, I really enjoyed with them! There isn't only "one memorable experience in Malta", I can't forget every Welcome Party, the International food festival in Mdina, the Street art festival in Sliema, the South's Malta tour and the private boat trip around the beautiful Blue Lagoon in Comino. Every single moment in Malta is still printed in my mind! Finally I think that this English course was really useful for myself and for this reason I want to recommend am Language Studio to my friends, but I want also give another advise that a teacher of mine gave me before I left Malta: "Use it or lose it", so don't give up talking with friends in English, watching English movies or reading English books! Thank you Malta and thank you AM language, it was an amazing experience! 
Marije Marije
 Hi, my name is Marije van Wetten and I'm from the Netherland. I studied at Am language Studio during 3 weeks. I chose Am Language Studio because it is not very expensive for what you get. They have great activities and offer good accommodation! I started 3 weeks ago at the level upper-intermediate. Now I'm still on that level, but I've learned a lot in those 3 weeks. My teacher was Michelle P. She is an amazing woman, who loves her work and students! Everyday she is full of energy and really wants you to learn something. Her lessons are never boring. We discussed a lot during the lessons, so we were talking all the time. In this way I improved my speaking skills. Michelle corrected me, when I used the wrong grammar. Writing was for me the most difficult part. For me it's hard to use the right tenses and to write formal. Michelle helped me a lot with this. She checked my letters and corrected them. After that, we had a look at it together. Speaking in small groups about different topics was for me the best part. I like to hear about other experiences and stories. My classmates were really nice! After three weeks my class was totally different from the beginning, but the students were all nice. They were interested and had respect for you. I learned from them, when they made typical mistakes. I want to thank everyone from Am Language Studio! For the lessons and the activities! Especially the Welcome Party and Am Private Boat trip were amazing! The beautiful bays and the amazing people, I'm going to miss you! 
Mehmet Can ÇOBAN Mehmet Can ÇOBAN
 Hi guys. My name is Mehmet Can ÇOBAN and I’m from Turkey. I studied at Am Language School for 2 months and I m going to study 1 more month. I choosed Am School because my homemate advised it to me. First of all I was in Pre-intermediate class and now I’m in intermediate. Marlon S , Tessa A. and July were my teachers and I want to say to each of them"Thanks for everything". Also my classmates and my roommates. Even if I moved 6 times , I met a lot of good heart friends. My most memorable experiances are Am Studios Welcome Parties and Gozo-Comino-Blue Lagoon tour for sure ! Who wants to learn English definitely they have to come to Am Language Studio. Thanks for everything. 
Matteo Matteo
 I am Matteo and I come from Italy. I have been studying at Am Language Studio for 3 weeks. I chose to come here on my mother’s advices, she thought it would be a good idea. I started as upper-intermediate and I didn't change of level. My first teacher was Tony, and I liked him because he was really friendly and easy-to-talk-with. Now I have Elin and she is nice too. The most challenging thing for me was Tony’s accent but my grammar is not so good, so I think it was even more challenging ! I really enjoyed the atmosphere during my lessons, it helped me to speak more. My classmates were interesting, because they come from different countries, they have different behaviors, different backgrounds etc.. And we got along easily together ! I learned some words from different languages, it was also nice ! I only studied at the school, not at home. I don't have a memorable experience yet because I didn't finish my holidays here in Malta but I am sure that in the end I will have a lot of good memories. My advice for you guys is: don't speak your own language, and be crazy you are in malta, you can afford it ! 
Marcel Marcel
 Hello guys, I’m Marcel and I’m from Germany. I decided to come to Malta to improve my English and to enjoy the sun. This is my second time here and I like this country and the AM language studio: it is the best place to combine study and holidays. I started at the intermediate level and after 6 week I passed to the upper-intermediate course. My teachers were Andrew, Tessa B and Michelle P. I want to thank them for their help. I learned a lot and improved my English skills. Furthermore I met a lot of new people from different countries. That is one of the reasons why I like going to a language school. You find new friends with different cultures and therefore it’s more than only a holiday. Now it’s time for me to go back in my country. I will try to continue my English studies and I just want to say thanks for this amazing time 
Lukas Lukas
 I have studied in Am Language Studio for 4 weeks. I chose am because of the cheap price, but I'm happy to study here because of the great activities and the good English courses. I began in the intermediate class, and I'm still there - but I think I’ve improved my English in the 'normal' Conversation mostly. My teachers were Robert and Lucy. I like Lucy, that she challenges the students and she brings a lot of fun in the class, because she talks a lot of her own experiences in the past. The most difficult for me is to talk about serious topics. Sometimes, I feel, that I don't have enough vocabulary and it's difficult for me to describe things - but that's also the reason why I’m here. What I enjoyed most? The breaks – no, I'm just kidding. I prefer conversation-examples, because then I feel the progress. Grammar is really difficult. My classmates were all nice and sympathetic. I didn't remember to find anything wrong. My last English lesson in school was 4 years ago and here in Malta. My most memorable experience here was the am boat Party, the Welcome Parties on Mondays and definitely the good weather. My advice for those who want to learn English? Come to Malta!