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Marcel Marcel
 Hello guys, I’m Marcel and I’m from Germany. I decided to come to Malta to improve my English and to enjoy the sun. This is my second time here and I like this country and the AM language studio: it is the best place to combine study and holidays. I started at the intermediate level and after 6 week I passed to the upper-intermediate course. My teachers were Andrew, Tessa B and Michelle P. I want to thank them for their help. I learned a lot and improved my English skills. Furthermore I met a lot of new people from different countries. That is one of the reasons why I like going to a language school. You find new friends with different cultures and therefore it’s more than only a holiday. Now it’s time for me to go back in my country. I will try to continue my English studies and I just want to say thanks for this amazing time 
Lukas Lukas
 I have studied in Am Language Studio for 4 weeks. I chose am because of the cheap price, but I'm happy to study here because of the great activities and the good English courses. I began in the intermediate class, and I'm still there - but I think I’ve improved my English in the 'normal' Conversation mostly. My teachers were Robert and Lucy. I like Lucy, that she challenges the students and she brings a lot of fun in the class, because she talks a lot of her own experiences in the past. The most difficult for me is to talk about serious topics. Sometimes, I feel, that I don't have enough vocabulary and it's difficult for me to describe things - but that's also the reason why I’m here. What I enjoyed most? The breaks – no, I'm just kidding. I prefer conversation-examples, because then I feel the progress. Grammar is really difficult. My classmates were all nice and sympathetic. I didn't remember to find anything wrong. My last English lesson in school was 4 years ago and here in Malta. My most memorable experience here was the am boat Party, the Welcome Parties on Mondays and definitely the good weather. My advice for those who want to learn English? Come to Malta! 
Sabína Lopašková Sabína Lopašková
 I studied in Malta for 5 weeks. I chose Am language studio because my best friend was here last year and when we were talking about that I fell in love. She recommended me that. I started and also finished upper-intermediate level. My teacher was Michelle P. She was the best teacher I’ve ever had. I liked her style. Every lesson I was speaking a lot and that was so important for me. I was horrible in grammar and I think now I'm really better at that. I really enjoyed speaking with my classmates and also with my teacher. Sometimes I was surprised what we were doing (for example singing) but that was a great experience for me. I had perfect classmates. We were speaking a lot and not only at school. I was learning English for 4 years in my high school but that was horrible because my school is not languages oriented. I don't know which is my best memory. That's hard because I really enjoyed school, parties, every activity and Comino as well. Don't be lazy and do something for you! 
Cindy Gonçalves Cindy Gonçalves
 I have been studying in AM school for 2 weeks. I chose AM school by chance. I am in elementary Intensive and I progress day by day. My teachers are Gina and Seema. Gina is a good teacher, she is clear in her explanations. Seema is a good teacher too, very dynamic and good listener. I found that speaking was the most difficult because I lacked vocabulary. I enjoyed most oral expression and group work. My classmates were nice I learned new cultures and Turkish vocabulary (pouce en l’air).I also study at home. My most memorable experiences in Malta are Comino Blue lagoon, and Ghajn Tuffieha, I love that beautiful beach. My advice for those who want to learn English? To do language trips for learning English, this is the best thing to do, you learn quickly while having fun. 
Ludivine Ludivine
 I come from Paris in France. I have been studying here for 2 weeks. My friends advised me to choose this school. I started my lessons at elementary. My teachers are Gina and Siema, they are very good! The most difficult thing for me is speaking but I really enjoyed the games we did with our teacher. I didn’t really study at home. The best memories I have are from the Welcome Party and the visit to Gozo and Comino. The advice I have for those who want to learn English is to travel and speak with the people 
Lenka Lenka
 Hi, my name is Lenka. I'm from Slovakia. I've been studying here for 2 weeks, but then I realized that's really short time. Time passes here so fast. I want to stay longer! I will come again for sure. I chose am language studio because my friend's recommended it to me. During the whole stay I was in upper intermediate class. I had the best teacher ever - Michelle P. She has brilliant accent, great sense of humour and a big heart. My other teacher was Kyle, every lesson started "What did u do yesterday" so there was opportunity to improve speaking skills, laugh and also find out some interesting things about Malta. I like it because the speaking was the biggest problem for me. I really enjoyed leisure activities!!! But if I have to choose one it is MTV isle of Malta smile emoticon.What I love most here are you guys. You are the reason why I enjoyed Malta so bloody great! Thanks to teachers, leaders, classmates, flatmates, friends. Hope to see u again! 

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