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Enjoy your stay in comfort with one of the first English language schools in Malta, am Language Studio
An important part of any language stay is finding the right type of accommodation to suit your requirements. Am Language Studio offers a great choice of cost-effective accommodation to complement your English learning experience in Malta and we promise to ensure that you are happily accommodated at all times.

With a large number of approved host families, a variety of self-catering shared apartments as well as a good selection of hotels all within walking distance of our English language school, we are sure to find an accommodation option suited to your needs. With am Language Studio you choose your level of comfort and we will provide it for your stay in Malta.

Whatever your choice, am Language Studio will provide you with an accommodation profile clearly indicating the price, facilities, services and level of comfort.

We guarantee that you will get what we promise when booking accommodation through am Language Studio.

Contact us for more help and information to find the best alternative for YOU!

Host Families

Host Family Accommodation

Staying with an English-speaking Maltese family is an excellent way of maximising your educational experience with am Language Studio.

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Executive Host Families

am Language Studio is committed to offering quality home-stay programmes. When booking an Executive Host Family, you will be placed in a single room, with your own bathroom.

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Self-Catering Shared Apartments

An am Language Studio apartment is your best option for cost-effective, independent accommodation while learning English in Malta.

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Suite Shared Apartments

  Share an apartment with other students learning English in Malta. It is the most cost effective type of accommodation and the preferred choice from students studying English with us.

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Self-Catering Studio Apartments

Booking a studio flat with am Language Studio is your best option for cost-effective, independent accommodation while learning English in Malta.

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Shared Apartment Notes

For more information please refer to the Apartment Profile that will be sent to you upon confirmation of your booking.

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3 Star Hotels

Offering a bit more comfort than a 2 star residence, all our 3 star hotels are within walking distance of the school and the main shopping area of Sliema.

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4 Star Hotels

Staying in a 4 star hotel offers students an upmarket alternative. With all the facilities and services one would expect from a superior residence, and centrally located just minutes from am Language Studio, this is the ideal way to learn English in ...

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5 Star Hotels

As a more luxurious alternative staying in a five star environment offers superlative charm and character.

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Guesthouse Solutions

am Guesthouses

Balco-Harmony Balco-Harmony HostelPrices Starting From: Eur 83.33 Per WeekBalco Harmony is part of balcomalta which is a family run, first class rated Hostel.

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