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Student Feedback


Bint Aslan Bint Aslan
 I was here for one month and it was an amazing time. I just want to say thank you guys in blue T-shirts for this awesome experience, your efforts and 24-hour happiness. Especially Sara, my dear. You guys made our days. I joined a lot of school’s activities and for sure Comino was the most beautiful place I have seen here. Paceville is the place to party. I love it and hate it at the same time. Almost every day party killed me and I’m really worrying about how I will manage to work on Monday in Germany. Well guys.. See you in Paceville At the end I want to thank all of my friends here, just to show Akram in blue that I have some, (‘cause he doesn’t believe) – some whole over the world now. I’m looking forward to see you all again, somewhere, someday, hopefully. Thanks Zuckerberg for Facebook to keep in contact. Lov. 
Manfred Hahn Manfred Hahn
 I’ve been here for 2 weeks together with my granddaughter and we will leave this weekend. I already did a similar trip in England, but we choose Malta, because of the weather, the open-minded thoughts of people and the history. I really like this season of Malta, because the weather is good and it’s not too hot. My level was upper-intermediate and I had a very good teacher. Her name is Michel. She is very qualified and serious. The atmosphere in the class was very good. I think that is a really important thing. I went to the first boat party of the season, welcome party and latin dance. At every activity we had a lot of fun together. Especially latin dance I had to dance with different ladies ha-ha. The school is very open-minded and they have a good organization. When I’m in the school I feel a warm and natural atmosphere. I really want to thanks the leaders and especially the leaders of Holland and Akram. They were so friendly to me and they knew how to communicate with me, for a men like I am. Because they are a lot of younger students here and I think I was the oldest one, but they made a really good contact with me. It will be difficult to find an better place then Am Language Studio, thank you! 
Diego Daidone
 I’ve been here for 2 weeks and this is my last week in Malta. It’s my first time in Malta and I’ve chosen Malta, because of the weather. The school is very international and that makes it interesting, because you can meet different people from all over the world. My level is intermediate and my teacher was Katrin. She spoke very good English and her pronunciation was very well. I went to the welcome party, boat party and bowling. The organization of the school was very good and with the activities it makes the school a lot more fun. Now I’m going back to Italy for four days and after that I will go to China to work in Hongkong. I lived in a guesthouse those 2 weeks and the price and quality are good. In general I’m satisfied about this experience. 
Aylin Atmaca
 I’ve been here for 2 weeks and this is my last week in Malta. I’ve chosen Malta, because of the weather. As everyone I think and I was searching in internet for an English school, and suddenly I found Am Language Studio. I saw the video and the nice pictures at the website and that convinced me to study with Am Language Studio. My level is pre-intermediate and my teacher was Lisa. I’m very satisfied about her lessons. Now I’m going back to Germany to continue with my study. If I will come back to Malta I would choose Am Language Studio again. It was a good experience for me. 
Rudolf Flatz Rudolf Flatz, 38
 Hello, I’m Rudolf and I am 38 years old and I’m from Austria I’ve been here in Malta for 2 weeks to improve my English. I was send by my company because every month I have a meeting in Holland, so I need to speak English. When I return from Malta one of the first things I will go to the Netherlands for work. The reason I chose Malta is because of the weather. It’s much better than a country like England. Malta is also not far away from Austria I think I improved my English very well, because the lessons were very good and also because of the nice activities the leisure department organized. I liked all the activities they offered, I made a lot of friends because of it. I really liked the Maltese dinner and the Latin Dance lessons. It was very nice to talk with other students and the Maltese food was very good. My level was upper intermediate and I had 3 different teachers. Vicky, Michelle and Richard. I liked my teachers, they were very nice and the lessons were very good.My teacher Richard was very kind to me. One day he invited me for dinner and I really appreciate it. What I liked the most here in Malta is the good, friendly atmosphere. 
Lyubov Vovchenko, 27
 Hello, my name is Lyubov and I’m 27 years old. I come from Russia. Today is my last day at Am Language studio. I studied here English for 3 weeks. The reason why I wanted to improve my English is because of my job. I want to be promoted in my company. My teachers were Michelle, Vicky and Carmen. The lessons were very fun and interesting. I learned a lot. What I like here in Malta is the weather and the beautiful places. I really like Mdina. I visit there some churches and I made a lot of pictures. I also went to Gozo and Comino with one of the school activities. It was amazing. I really like the school activities and specially the welcomes party. It’s the best party of the week! The leaders of the leisure department are very nice. I like them all! I made a lot of friends here in Malta, I’ll miss them all and i also will miss this beautiful place. But I don’t want to say goodbye, so I say ‘’see you’’! 

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