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Test Your English

Test your English with the short quiz below. For each question, select the answer which fits best. You should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete the test.

Q: What                ?
A: He's a doctor.

I                 a dog or a cat.

There is                 cheese in the fridge.

Have you got                 brothers or sisters?

Susan and                 husband are coming for tea.

I have known him                 15 years.

I met him                .

Q:                 ridden a camel?
A: No, never!

I usually drive to work, but today I                 the bus.

If it rains, I                 stay at home.

Q: What does she                ?
A: She's tall, blonde and pretty.

What                 tonight?

Q:                 a coke?
A: Yes please!

The letter                 delivered.

Q: You're filthy!
A: Yes, I know. I                 wood all day long.

Q: How is she?
A:                .

When I arrived at the theatre, the play                 started.

I                 coffee first thing in the morning - I cannot function without it.

The train                 at 07:45. Hurry up, or we'll miss it!

There                 a tree in the garden, but it was chopped down a long time ago.

He                 to have made his fortune in oil.

Tom                 his things all over the place. It is driving me crazy!

I like                 the dishes straight after a meal.

I remember those days so clearly. We didn't have a care in the world and                 on the sand for hours.

                that he would devote the rest of his life to the contemplation of thought.