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Lesen Sie was ehemalige Schüler über uns sagen!

Marcel Marcel
 Hello guys, I’m Marcel and I’m from Germany. I decided to come to Malta to improve my English and to enjoy the sun. This is my second time here and I like this country and the AM language studio: it is the best place to combine study and holidays. I started at the intermediate level and after 6 week I passed to the upper-intermediate course. My teachers were Andrew, Tessa B and Michelle P. I want to thank them for their help. I learned a lot and improved my English skills. Furthermore I met a lot of new people from different countries. That is one of the reasons why I like going to a language school. You find new friends with different cultures and therefore it’s more than only a holiday. Now it’s time for me to go back in my country. I will try to continue my English studies and I just want to say thanks for this amazing time 
Typhanie Typhanie
 Hi, I'm Typhaine and I come from France. I came to the school AM Language for an internship during two-month. Finally, the school give me the opportunity to take lessons for 3 weeks with my internship. My level was Pre-intermediate and my professor was Marlon during 3 weeks. With Marlon, I learned a lot of grammar, I really needed this. What I liked most about my lessons is the way it is taught. In my school English lessons are different. Here in Am Language I found it more interesting, I liked talking with other classmates. I want to say thank you to Vicky for teaching me enormously in my internship, I learned a lot more I could have thought so. I loved working for her. It was a wonderful experience. When I came here I wasn’t able to speak English very well but finally I had long conversations and understood everything she was saying. It's a really great school! I met many people, I enjoy many activities. I really recommend everyone to live this amazing experience. I am sad to leave the school and people I’ve met here. So Enjoy you trip in Malta in this school. 
SIna Landvogt SIna Landvogt
 Hello guys my name is Sina Landvogt. I’m from Germany, but I live in Austria in Innsbruck. I stayed in lovely Malta three months. I had to improve my English because of my study program. I’m studying management in an international University. I was 3 weeks in a general English course and then in the business course. I liked going to the school, learning a lot in the lessons and I enjoyed every of them. I learned a lot and I improved my English very fast. My teachers were very nice and polite and they helped me to improving my English. After the school I met every day my friends and I took part on a lot of school activities with my friends. I liked to play laser tag and the Monday welcome parties: I was on every Monday welcome party to say “Hello” to the new students. I met in Malta a lot of new international friends. I’m going to miss the lovely beaches and the lovely islands of Gozo and Comino: the water there is so beautiful and clear, light blue. My best day was the one of the Am private boat trip. We had a whole day a boat only for us and we went in different places around the island of Comino, we drove jet-ski and air sofa. I want to keep improving my English and to keep in touch with my friends from Malta and meeting them again. 
Bich-Van Bich-Van
 Hi, my name is Bich-Van and I come from France. I was just supposed to do my two months internship for my school. Finally I took courses for 3 weeks. I was in intermediate course. My teacher were Lucy and Michelle, I really liked both of them, they were funny and I would like to thank them cause I really improved my level of English. Before coming in Malta, my grammar wasn’t very good, so it was a real challenge for me. I think what I enjoyed the most about my lessons were the speaking activities, when we had to talk about ourselves to know more about each other. I had several classmates, very nice and outgoing people. I liked learning more about them. My most memorable experience in Malta has been to discover the Island. Thank to my trip, I could visit a lot of places, meet a lot of amazing people, especially one. I really enjoyed my trip and if I could give an advice to those who want to learn English is, don’t be afraid to speak English, everyone is here to learn, so just enjoy your trip! 
Annamaria Cataldi Annamaria Cataldi
 My name is Annamaria Cataldi and I’m from the South of Italy. I’ve been studying English at Am Language Studio for 12 weeks in order to improve my English for my future career. I’ve chosen to study at this school because two friends of mine suggested it for its excellent quality and activities, they were right! I started in upper-Intermediate level and managed to end up in the Advanced level! I had three teachers during my stay: Tessa Bonnici, Monica Pace and, last but not least, Michelle Petroni!! Each of them had a different method of teaching and I’ve learnt a lot from all of them. I’ve spent most of my weeks at AM language studio with Michelle P. It truly was a joy attending her lessons! I’ve refreshed my English grammar and learnt a lot of idioms and new words in an amusing way! I also loved my classmates, a melting pot of cultures, traditions and different backgrounds! I enjoyed the activities that were organized by the school. In my opinion, these activities help a lot foreign students in practicing their English. I enjoyed living here in Malta and I think it’s an extraordinary country. It is situated in the middle of Mediterranean Sea and seems to be a “cocktail” of Italian, Arabic and English cultures, languages and cuisines. I’ll never forget the enchanting Mdina, the capital Valletta, the wonderful beaches and the breathtaking landscapes. I recommend everybody an experience and adventure like this. It opens your mind and enriches your life ! 
Stefania Romano Stefania Romano
 My name is Stefania Romano and I’m from Italy. I’ve studied at AM Language Studio for 7 weeks and I am going to stay other 5 weeks. I chose AM because is a school with high quality classes and the price is cheaper than others schools in Malta. At the beginning, I started at the Intermediate level and I’m still in this level but I progressed my speaking abilities a lot. My teacher was Michelle C. She is very lovely and kind. She has a very good methodology , her lessons are so interesting and dynamic because during her lessons we did different games and discuss about several topics, in this way I’m learning many new words. The most challenging for me was to communicate and listen because in Italy, usually, we only study grammar, but now thanks to the lessons, i’m improving my communication and my ability to understand others when they speak. I enjoyed a lot my lessons when Michelle divides us for teams and invites us to challenge us in different games, I like this method because the lessons are never boring. In recent weeks, I have met many classmates and with each of them enjoyed ourselves, in class we talk and joke among us a lot and once after school with some of them we meet somewhere to keep talking. I am really happy to have met all of them because I learned about different cultures and different ways of thinking. I usually study at home! Alone or sometimes I join my friends and together we go to study at the beach. My most memorable experience in Malta until now was the Mdina International Food Festival with my friends because we had a chance to enjoy a nice evening together tasting many dishes of different cultures. My advice for those who want to lean English is to go in AM Language School because everyone wants to lean English in an easy and enjoyable way! 
Tugay Yildz
 I had an amazing experience. 
Claudia Valente
 All perfect 
Alexa Krauch
 I would come back again