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Distance Learning Course

The am Language Studio Distance Learning English Course provides you with the possibility learning from your own location. Managed on a one-to-one basis, the course offers you private sessions with a trainer who focuses on your individual learning requirements. Your specific communication needs are addressed with the aim of improving your ability to express yourself in English in situations that you directly experience. The programme allows you the flexibility of selecting training hours around your daily or weekly commitments and can be spread over a period of time.

Sessions may be of 30minutes or an hour, according to your preferences. These sessions may be booked 24/7. It is also possible to cancel sessions up to 15minutes before they start at no charge.Stay Connected

Key Points:

  • We will call you throughout the European Union (using Skype, or a phone number if Skype is not available)
  • We will offer tailor-made individual programs to match your capabilities, available for all levels of English.
  • Individual sessions have a duration of 30minutes or an hour
  • Individual sessions can be booked or cancelled up to 15 minutes before they are scheduled to commence
  • Special attention will be given to use of email, reporting and communicating internationally
  • Flexible time according to your schedule, whether at home or in the office.

This training corresponds to the reality of the professional environment, enabling oral situational role-plays.
Distance training offers maximum flexibility, both in terms of scheduling the sessions along with session contents. The training is also beneficial to anyone, irrespective of their capabilities and abilities, with lessons being adapted to the student.

Video Tutorial

Introducing Distance Learning

This tutorial will give an overview of the Distance Learning System, including system requirements, session duration and session times.

Video Tutorial

Booking a Distance Learning Course

This tutorial will explain how students may book the course through our website, including information we require prior to the booking.

Video Tutorial

Logging on and booking sessions

This tutorial will cover aspects such as how first time users can log on to their distance learning portal and book sessions, along with highlighting different tools available within the Distance Learning Portal.

Video Tutorial

Planning a training programme

This tutorial will highlight the content of the first session, deal with lesson cancellation, and our commitment to you.

Level Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate
  • Telephone Line
  • Computer
  • Internet Line
  • Headphone with speaker sets

Item Price Quantity  
1 session
Code: dl-001
€ 20.00

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5 sessions (over 7 weeks)
Code: dl-001
€ 80.00

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10 sessions (over 14 weeks)
Code: dl-001
€ 140.00

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15 sessions (over 21 weeks)
Code: dl-001
€ 180.00

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  • Each session Lasts 30 minutes.
  • Candidates are able to book a maximum of 2 sessions per day.
  • Typical course load ranges from 1–2 sessions per week.
All course bookings are subject to our terms & conditions