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See what some of our past students have to say about out school!

Dasa Klasova Dasa Klasova
 First of all, I came to Malta to improve my English skills. Actually, I’ve already been in Malta seven times and I really fall in love with this small Island, that’s why I came here again for studying. This time I was here for 2 weeks. I also improved my Italian, thanks to friends from Italy who were studying with me in the school! My class was really cool and I had one of the best teachers in the school. Her name is Tessa. She is really professional and such a friendly person. We’ve don different very interesting exercises improved my speaking and listening skills. Outside of school I spent my time with my classmates and we spoke English all the time (sometimes Italian ) and I learned something new from all of them. I really enjoyed school’s activities. Am studio has a perfect leisure team. For example, I will always remember the memories of Am private boat trip. I met great people here from Italy, Russia, Spain... I hope I will keep in touch with them for a long time. For me Malta is the best place in the world, and I start to think about moving to this Island. So...we will see Thanks to all my friends for this amazing two weeks which I had. I have to leave know but I will definitely come back. 
Zoltan Der Zoltan Der
 Hi, my name is Zoltan and I am for 10 days in Malta. I chose Malta because of the weather, the sea and the parties. Before I chose Malta I searched the internet for information. I found 5 or 6 language schools but AM was most sympathetic. They have good programs and nice activities. My favorite activity was the AM private boat trip, it was the best. For the future it would be nice if there could come a deep sea fishing activity in the program. At AM my teacher was Michele, she is a great person. She helped me good, was funny and teached me well. I had nice classmates and liked them all. During my stay I met a lot of people. I tried to speak as much as possible with them and day by day I noticed my English getting better and better. For the future I want to go back, back to AM. Also because all leaders were very nice, especially Nina, Rosy, Edvalt and Roy. When I come back it will be after the first of October because then the catacombs are opened. I want to thank AM Language for everything! I’LL BE BACK! 
Martin Schranz Martin Schranz
 Hi there! My name is Martin and I am from a small city in Austria which is called Tirol! I have been in Malta for just two weeks, but this two weeks have flown away like one day. Now my holiday is over and it’s time to say goodbye. I have chosen Malta to study English because of some friends of mine recommended it to me. They told me that the weather is very nice and I could combine my holidays with studying in one of the language schools in Malta. I’ve never regretted coming here. The AM language school is really great. My teacher was Tessa, she is very polite and intelligent. She made our lessons very interesting and useful. I’m really happy because I had such friendly classmates. We paid a lot of attention to the speaking exercise and I’m strongly confident that my speaking skills are improved. I need to speak English for my job. I’m a mountain guide and I work with a lot of tourists from the UK and USA. Also I realise that knowledge of English is very important nowadays. It gives us the opportunity to communicate with people from abroad and travel around the world. During my leisure time me and my friends organised dinner at home together or went out to somewhere. I really liked the chill out in Cafe del Mar. I am so grateful to the leaders, they made my experience unforgettable. It was really a great time and I will never forget it. In my opinion, Blue Grotto is the most beautiful place in Malta, it might be amazing to climb over there. I will continue to learn English in my country and then I will come back to Malta with my younger brother next year. I people who want to learn English I recommend to not be afraid, to speak and to learn the vocabulary. See you next year, Best regards, Martin 
Mirka Mirka
 This is my second stay already at AM Language. Last year I spent 2 great weeks here, so I decided to stay 3 weeks more this summer. The first time I just wanted to learn English abroad and enjoy my holiday. I enjoyed Malta and the people from Malta so much that the decision for this year was easy. I wanted to come back! Last year I had an intensive course for intermediate, now I am in Business English course for upper intermediate. During my course I had more teachers at AM, and now Peter is mu teacher. You can have very interesting discussions with him. The most challenging during my lessons is still speaking. I have to work on it, that´s why I am here again. The best part of our lessons are the coffee breaks on the roof . During my lessons I learned a lot from my classmates, not only language. You get to learn a lot about different countries, different cultures and different lives. I also studied at home, but it was not so effective for me because you are concentrated on a lot of things besides language. My most memorable experiences in Malta were many things.. New friends, trips, party and of course the sun, beach and sea. For all the other students who want to learn English I can advice to go abroad! Meet new people, discover new places, speak English and have fun . 
Luigi Salerno Luigi Salerno
 Hi, everybody! My name is Luigi and I’m from a beautiful city on the north of Italy which is called Turin. I have studyied in Am Language School for 3 weeks. I was studying in this school because the company which organized my internship provided this school for me. In my opinion, the school is really nice. I started with upper-intermediate level. My teachers were Michelle and Andrew. They are very friendly and I enjoyed their lessons a lot. The thing is a have some problems with speaking, and I like that during my lessons we paid most attention to speaking exercised. My classmates were such great guys. They are very polite and friendly. I like to speak with them about their own cultures. From each of them I knew a lot, for example, some information about countries, lifestyles or mentalities. Me and my friends liked to take part in leisure life of school. During my studying we visited a lot of activities, I especially liked the Olive Festival and South of Malta. I remember during the activity «South of Malta» I had got lost in Marsaxlokk, but then I managed to find the right way because the local people are really friendly and they helped me. This is one of the advantages of this Island. People around are very polite and willing to help. My advice for guys who want to speak English is travel as much as possible and meet with new people from abroad. In my opinion, Malta is one of the best place to do it. Thank you all. 
Dragana Sudimac Dragana Sudimac
 Hello, everyone! My name is Dragana and I’m from Italy. I have studied in school 3 weeks and now I’m going to stay for three more months. I do my internship till the end of December. I chose Am Language Studio because some friends of mine suggest me this school, and I am very thankful to them. The school is really great. My level is advanced, but in spite of knowing English good enough, I still need to learn a lot. My teachers were Monica and Therese. They are really friendly and kind. I learned a lot thanks to them. During my lessons we have done lot of speaking exercises. We had to participate to debates and we also pretended to be in a law court trying to solve a crime. I had a lot of fun. I found it really useful and I think I really improved my speaking skills. I liked my classmates. They were friendly and nice. Most of them were Italian but I learned a lot from my Brazilian classmate. Sometimes I studied at home especially when I had home work. The most beautiful place in Malta for me is Comino Island. I really enjoyed the Am Private Boat Trip. The weather was so nice The best way to learn English for me is going to an English speaking country. Practice as much as possible. 
Jacopo Tognoli Jacopo Tognoli
 Hi, my name is Jacopo Tognoli and I´m from Italy. I´m 25 years old and I´m a student. I have been in Malta for 4 weeks and I think it´s too short to see everything what is interesting in Malta.I chose AM Language because I´ve heard lots of interesting things about it and my school in Italy ’’Lingua Point’’ recommend it to me! I started at pre-intermediate level but in only one month, I have made so much progress. In the first weeks I was a little bit afraid to speak but now I am so much more confident! This is all thanks to my lovely teacher Michele. She is really fun and she has always a lot of energy. In the lessons we did a lot of games and conversations it was always cozy. Unfortunately my class changed every week but there were always friendly people from all over the world. I also studied every day at home for almost 30 minutes that really helped me a lot. I like Malta because of all the friendly people, culture and weather of course. I´ve made a lot of friends from different countries and I´ll never forget them. The best place I´ve visited was Blue Lagoon and Comino Island. It´s such an amazing place with a beautiful view. I really liked the Welcome Party’s and the AM Private boat trip, and I will never forget the Marrakech party. I will miss you my friends and I hope to see you all again soon. Thanks for everything AM language studio, friends and teachers, ... Jacopo 
Anton Anton
 Hi, my name is Anton, I am from Russia but live already for almost 5 years in Germany. I have studied for 1 month at AM Language and it was my first holiday since 3 years. I decided to go to AM Language because it was the first result when I searched on the internet. But because of the leaders I will definitely come again! I did my English course on the level intermediate, and my course teacher was Tessa. She is the best teacher ever, she is funny, has a good method and good contact with the class. For the intensive course I had multiple teachers, they were all wonderful. What I most enjoyed about the school were the events and the leaders. They make the face of the school. Without them it would be just a language school. For practice outside of school I talked a lot with my friends. My most memorable experiences are with the teachers and leaders, they make the school unforgettable, without leaders it would be a usual school. For people who are doing an English course I can advice to go to events!! 
Hilal Hilal
 Hi, my name is Hilal and I’m from Turkey. I’ve been in Malta for a month and actually it felt like a week. I chose AM Language because some of my friends have experienced this school and they couldn’t forget those days. In my opinion they are right and also I will recommend AM Language to all my friends . My level is upper intermediate but sometimes I had some difficulties with speaking. It was a great opportunity to practice that. To be honest sometimes I’ve forgotten some Turkish words while I was speaking with my Turkish friends. My teacher was Michelle, she was so friendly and energetic. I really enjoyed our lessons. After the course I want to keep in touch with her. My classmates made my lessons funnier and more exciting. Speaking with them taught me so many things that I didn’t knew, for example things about other cultures and lifestyles. Some days my teacher Michelle gave us extra homework so I also studied at home, especially the vocabulary part. I think the most memorable experiences were cultural events -like festivals- and welcome parties every Monday. Those activities are really great opportunities to meet new people. I wish I could stay longer in Malta and spend more time with my friends. But I know in the near future I will come again and take some courses in AM Language! A special thanks to the leaders: and furthermore I want to thank everybody who made my stay unforgettable and the most beautiful holiday ever! Roy, Manon, Taya, Anastacia, Edvalt, Rosy, Fuldan,