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See what some of our past students have to say about out school!

Alessandro Catellani Alessandro Catellani, 22
 Hello everybody, My name is Alessandro, I come from Italy, I am 22 years old and I am going to write my first experience in Malta with Am language studio. I have a three years degree in managerial engineering and after it I decided to take some free time to learns and improve my English. I chose Malta to achieve my goals, not only because it is very good to learn English, but also because I really like the sea and it has a hot climate. My English school in Italy suggested to go to Am language studio because it’s a very qualified school for its teaching methods. When I arrived my speaking wasn’t so good, because in Italy they don’t pay much attention to this aspect. The school helped me to improve my English and to speak more confidently. The school lessons are very interesting and the teachers are extremely qualified. The school organizes a lot of leisure activities that helps the students to socialize and you will get to know a lot of people in a short time. They have a wide range of activities that you can chose from; especially all the welcome parties and the trips to Gozo and Comino were very nice. I would like to mention my acceptance for an internship with the school. I am so glad that I have been accepted. It will be a good way to practice English and to meet people from different countries. I want to thank Monica for her great lessons, all the leaders for their good work and I would recommend choosing Am language studio to everyone! 
Timea Oszi Timea Oszi
 Hello everybody, My name is Timea and I would like to share my experience with Am Language Studio. I have stayed here since 6th April and unfortunately this week is my last week. A friend of mine suggested that I should choose this school and now I think it was a good decision. I had a really good experience during my education; my teachers helped me a lot to improve my English knowledge. So I would like to say thank you my favorite teachers Tessa B, Monica and Lisa. All of them are very qualified teachers. I participated in some of school activities and a lot of students became my friends because of it. All of them was well-organized and very interesting. It’s very difficult to say goodbye and return back in Hungary. Now I am really worrying about how I will able to work on next Monday. It was a pleasure to meet with you, Guys. I am looking forward to see you again, somewhere – I hope so. My messages to you, please never forget: Come on 
Moustoifa Moustoifa, 28
 Hello my name Moustoifa I’m from French and I am 28 years old. The reason why I am here in Malta is because I wanted to learn English. I took 2 weeks holiday from my work and came to Malta. The lessons in my first week were a little bit too easy so I changed my level. My teachers were Victoria and Mathew. The lessons were very fun and interesting. I think I really improved my English. Now I have a lot more confidence to talk with other people. First I was very shy, so I’m happy that I improved my English now. I have a lot of good experience here in Malta. I visit a lot of beautiful places, like Gozo and Mdina. I also like the activities from the leisure department. Especially my second welcome party was very nice. I want to say thank you to all leaders and especially Francesca and Evgeny. 
Manuela Manuela
 I’ve been here for 3 months now and it’s my second time in Malta. Unfortunately, It is my last day in the school today. But I’m happy to say that I’m not leaving Malta. My experience with the school was good. I had great teachers, met amazing people and made a lot of friends. 3 months ago I started as intermediate and I leave the school with an advanced certificate. I think it is all because of the teachers. Monica, Rita and Lyn were very helpful and I really love my classmates. I had such a good time with my classmates. The staff was wonderful and they organized many interesting activities. I will miss everyone, my friends, the staff and the teachers. They all made my experience in school here. My dream is to live and work in Australia, that’s why I’ve chosen to study English. But first I want to try in Italy to find a job, because the most important thing is to stay with my family and my friends in Italy. I want to thank you all. You’re all great persons and I had a wonderful time in the school. Some of you I will see you in Malta again and otherwise I will meet you around the world! 
Lyubov Vovchenkofrom Lyubov Vovchenkofrom
 Hello, my name is Lyubov and I’m 27 years old. I come from Russia. Today is my last day at Am Language studio. I studied here English for 3 weeks. The reason why I wanted to improve my English is because of my job. I want to be promoted in my company. My teachers were Michelle, Vicky and Carmen. The lessons were very fun and interesting. I learned a lot. What I like here in Malta is the weather and the beautiful places. I really like Mdina. I visit there some churches and I made a lot of pictures. I also went to Gozo and Comino with one of the school activities. It was amazing. I really like the school activities and specially the welcomes party. It’s the best party of the week! The leaders of the leisure department are very nice. I like them all! I made a lot of friends here in Malta, I’ll miss them all and i also will miss this beautiful place. But I don’t want to say goodbye, so I say ‘’see you’’! 
Çağıl Şen Çağıl Şen
 Hi everybody, some people know me, some people not. I’m Cagil and I’m here for 6 months now. In this months I met a lot of people from all over the world. In this way I learned a lot about new cultures. I really like to be in Malta. I have a lot of fun. Especially the parties organised by the school in Paceville are great. Except for partying in this months I also went to visit the Three cities, Marsaxlokk and Mdina. The main reason I want to learn English is that I would like to study at University in Poland. Thanks to my teachers I improved my English. Especially I want to thank Catherine, Michel and Kyle. 6 months ago I started as an elementary student. Next week hopefully I’ll be an upper-intermediate student I’m sure that I’ll pass my exam. Of course I want to thank Bibiana for her delicious chicken salad. Also the rest of the staff of the school is amazing. 
Bint Aslan Bint Aslan
 I was here for one month and it was an amazing time. I just want to say thank you guys in blue T-shirts for this awesome experience, your efforts and 24-hour happiness. Especially Sara, my dear. You guys made our days. I joined a lot of school’s activities and for sure Comino was the most beautiful place I have seen here. Paceville is the place to party. I love it and hate it at the same time. Almost every day party killed me and I’m really worrying about how I will manage to work on Monday in Germany. Well guys.. See you in Paceville At the end I want to thank all of my friends here, just to show Akram in blue that I have some, (‘cause he doesn’t believe) – some whole over the world now. I’m looking forward to see you all again, somewhere, someday, hopefully. Thanks Zuckerberg for Facebook to keep in contact. Lov. 
Manfred Hahn
 I’ve been here for 2 weeks together with my granddaughter and we will leave this weekend. I already did a similar trip in England, but we choose Malta, because of the weather, the open-minded thoughts of people and the history. I really like this season of Malta, because the weather is good and it’s not too hot. My level was upper-intermediate and I had a very good teacher. Her name is Michel. She is very qualified and serious. The atmosphere in the class was very good. I think that is a really important thing. I went to the first boat party of the season, welcome party and latin dance. At every activity we had a lot of fun together. Especially latin dance I had to dance with different ladies ha-ha. The school is very open-minded and they have a good organization. When I’m in the school I feel a warm and natural atmosphere. I really want to thanks the leaders and especially the leaders of Holland and Akram. They were so friendly to me and they knew how to communicate with me, for a men like I am. Because they are a lot of younger students here and I think I was the oldest one, but they made a really good contact with me. It will be difficult to find an better place then Am Language Studio, thank you! 
Diego Daidone Diego Daidone
 I’ve been here for 2 weeks and this is my last week in Malta. It’s my first time in Malta and I’ve chosen Malta, because of the weather. The school is very international and that makes it interesting, because you can meet different people from all over the world. My level is intermediate and my teacher was Katrin. She spoke very good English and her pronunciation was very well. I went to the welcome party, boat party and bowling. The organization of the school was very good and with the activities it makes the school a lot more fun. Now I’m going back to Italy for four days and after that I will go to China to work in Hongkong. I lived in a guesthouse those 2 weeks and the price and quality are good. In general I’m satisfied about this experience. Am Language Studio Testimonial by Aylin Atmaca from Germany I’ve been here for 2 weeks and this is my last week in Malta. I’ve chosen Malta, because of the weather. As everyone I think and I was searching in internet for an English school, and suddenly I found Am Language Studio. I saw the video and the nice pictures at the website and that convinced me to study with Am Language Studio. My level is pre-intermediate and my teacher was Lisa. I’m very satisfied about her lessons. Now I’m going back to Germany to continue with my study. If I will come back to Malta I would choose Am Language Studio again. It was a good experience for me.