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See what some of our past students have to say about out school!

Oikawa Kumiko
 I'm sure that I chose the best school in Malta . Thank you! 
Brast Natalia
 Good organisation & interesting tours & events. 
Ghazaryan Hovhannes
 I love you "am language Studio". 
Kalamarova Ema
 Very good and nice teachers! I know a lot of new things. 
Gulam Nadira
 It's a really nice place, I got a big experience, and I would like come here again. 
Nishida Sari
 Everything is well organized and staff and teachers are professional and well experienced. 
Nivan Cuba Havana Nivan Cuba Havana, 19
 Hello, my name is Nivan and I’m from Germany. I have been here in Malta since 4 weeks and I chose to study English for my future job. I decided to come in Malta because everybody know that is the best place for mix study with party and holiday I’m proud of my choice about Am Language because I see a good atmosphere as a family and also I found my classroom and my teachers very friendly and always in a good mood. I have been different times in Paceville but I would like to say that with school I enjoyed much more than without..The activities are so nice, I tried different but the best for me are Welcome party, Havana and Footlose party.. The things that I like more are the weather that never change in bad and off course the crazy party in Paceville with school. I will never forget Malta and all the experiences that I passed and also my host family that is very nice and polite.. The best place that I visited is The Blue Lagoon , an amazing bay with a incredible color of sea.. I suggest to everyone to go there minimum once cause it is fantastic . I woud like to say Thank You to all people that I’ve met and I hope to see you again here or in Germany. Bye bye:) 
Edme Paillard Edme Paillard, 18
 Hi ! My name is Edme, I'm 18 years old and come from France. I spent two weeks in Am Language School, which were amazing! First of all because the English lessons which have permitted to improve my English. Secondly because all the school’s activities I did. During this great experience I met many nice people with who we had fun! I want to thanks everyone for this two beautiful weeks, above all the leaders who make a really good job. I will never forget this friendly atmosphere. Good bye and have fun !! 
Giada Ruffolo Giada Ruffolo
 Hi everybody, my name is Giada Ruffulo from Italy and I would like to share my experience in Am Language School. I have studied here since 24th February and this is my last week. I had a really good experience during this period. When I arrived here I couldn’t communicate but my teachers helped me a lots to improve my English and now I can speak with everybody! So I would like to say thank you my favorite teacher Gina, Victoria, Kyle, Lisa Scerri and Caroline. I participated in some of school activities and I had the possibility to meet a lot of students that now are still my friends. Now it’s time to say goodbye and come back to Italy and, really after 5 months is not so easy!!! It was a pleasure to study here and to meet all of you…. Maybe we’ll see each other again in the future. Take care, study and improve your English and enjoy this beautiful country which can give you serious opportunities. Goodbye