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See what some of our past students have to say about out school!

Cecile Cecile
 I’ve studied at Am Language Studio for 5 weeks and I chose Am Language because of the activities and the city. At the beginning I was in intermediate but I changed for upper-intermediate. I improve my English with my teachers who were Tessa and Michelle.P. For me the most difficult thing in my lessons was the grammar! I'm really bad at grammar it's my nightmare! But my teacher Michelle is really funny, interesting and she loves her job so I was really exited to go to school. Also my classmates were nice and I enjoyed a lot with them! If I had to choose one thing here to resume my trip, I think I couldn't say just one most memorable experience in Malta because for me all my trip here has been amazing and I'll never forget it! 
Janka Stavna Janka Stavna
 My name is Janka Stavna and I am from Slovakia. I´ve studied in Am Language Studio for two weeks. I chose Am because my uncle had recommended it to me and he gave it to me as a gift. I couldn´t imagine a better gift for my 18th birthday! It has helped me a lot. All two weeks I was in advanced level. My teacher was Lesley H. Since I was in a mini group, there was a huge space for the teacher to help me to improve my English. We did many exercises every day, but I enjoyed the speaking more. It has been always the hardest for me –to speak, but I think I improved during those two weeks. I am thankful to Lesley for teaching me so much. I really enjoyed speaking about Malta, experiences, food or differences between our countries and I also learnt a lot from my classmates. Every experience in Malta was absolutely amazing, especially because of the good friends I´ve made, but the most memorable one for me is Isle of MTV. I recommend Am Language Studio to everyone who wants to improve their English, gain more confidence and make many new friends from all over the world. You won´t regret! I want to thank you all – teachers, leaders, friends and classmates. I feel so lucky I had an opportunity to study and spend such a wonderful time with you. 
Celia Celia
 My name is Célia Claudotte, I'm 19 and I come from France. I studied at AM Language Studio during 1 month ; I chose this school because I've already been here 2 years ago. Courses and activities were excellent so I decided to come back. Those 4 weeks I was in advanced level, on intensive course. My teachers were Lesley H and Kyle A. Lesley helped me a lot. We worked about everything : grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking which was the most challenging for me. I think I did it more fluently at the end of my stay, using new vocabulary. However, I kept my french accent ! About my lessons, I really enjoyed speaking about many different subjects : food, sports, politics,... and, of course, history of Malta. Also, my classmates had different nationalities. It was a very interesting mix and I learnt a lot from their countries. I have a lot of memorable experiences in Malta, thanks to all the people I met here (I miss them so much..!). I particularly enjoyed the Welcome Party and the AM Private Boat. So if you want to improve your English in a good atmosphere and make friends from all over the world in the same time, choose AM Language studio : you won't be disappointed! 
Lydie Lydie
 My name is Lydie, i come from France, I study at Am Language Studio during 1 month. I chose Am language because the activities are not expensive and I had a meeting and discounts by CGOS. I'm a Beginner but I hope to improve my level before my departure. My teacher is Christine Grech. I like her way of teaching because she explains very well and with her lessons, I can feel that I am progressing. For me, the most dificult is speaking because I only had a few courses in France and I'm shy. My classmates are really nice, we all get along with each other. I learned a lot about their nationalities and countries, we exchanged about our cultures. I studied after the lessons when I was in my flat. I strongly recommend the school Am language studio because the teachers are really good and the activities are very cool. My advice is to watch movies in English and speak with other nationalities in order to improve your level. 
Sara Sara
 I am Sara and I come from Italy. I have studied at Am Language Studio for three months. I chose this school because a friend of mine advised it. At the beginning, I started at the Elementary level and I progressed my speaking abilities a lot, and now I’m in Intermediate level. My teachers in Elementary were : Gina and Seema, amazing teachers who reallywanted to help me and other students to improve our English. In pre-intermediate my teachers were: Danielle and Marloon, they had a very good methodology, their lessons are so interesting and dynamic because during their lessons we did different games. In Intermediate my teacher was Lucy, she is very lovely and kind, and has a good methodology and discuss about several topics, in this way I’ve learnt a lot of new words. For me, the most challenging was definitely speaking and listening but I really enjoyed . I've met some really nice people from different countries and it was very interesting and my classmates were adorable! I learned a lot with them. I think my most memorable experience in Malta was the Mdina International Food Festival with my international friends. I also really loved Gozo and Comino. My advice for you guys is: go to am Language Studio !! 
Adelyne Adelyne
 My name is Adelyne Coulon and I come from France, South of Paris. I stay here to study during 1 month. I will leave next week. This week is my third week. I chose Am language studio because I left with CLC and this compagny works with this school. I started with pre-intermediate level but i didn't feel very well. Now, I'm in elementary. I'm not very good in grammar and I lack the vocabulary. Elementary is better because I learn news words and work my grammar. I feel better. The first week my teacher was Danielle and now my teacher is Wayne. I like their teaching because they explain very well and with their lesson, I can feel that I am progressing. For me, the most difficult is speaking because I'm shy and I am afraid to speak as I haven't a good level. I really appreciate the work done by playing. I learned a lot of vocabulary through games and I think it is the best way to remember what we learn. My classmates were nice. It's good to have different nationalities, we find different accents. We can meet a lot of new people. I studied at home, mainly grammar and vocabulary. I had the chance to swim with dolphins. I realized my dream. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. English is really important. I recommend to learn it in Am Language studio. It's really a good experience. To learn english you really need to practice and watch movies or read books, it is the better solution. 
Amelie Daudet Amelie Daudet
 I'm Amélie Daudet and I come from France. I've studied at Am Language Studio for 3 weeks. A friend recommanded it to me. The best advice ever ! I was in Upper-intermediate level. My teacher in the morning was Michelle P. and in the afternoon I had class with Kyle. Michelle is so funny and she always put the words in context so that we can really understand. She's the best teacher I've ever had ! I will miss her lessons. Speaking was the most challenging I think. Sometimes it was hard for me to put my thoughts into words, but I can feel that I have improved my speaking. I really liked pronunciation and learning informal words that we usually don't in my school in France. I've met some really nice people from all over the world. This is one of the best part. It really helped me also to improve my speaking skills. My most memorable experience in Malta is Am private boat trip in Comino ! In fact I loved every activities that I did with Am language studio ! My advice for those who want to learn English is come to Am language studio, you'll improve your English and enjoy your holidays in the same time 
Typhanie Typhanie
 Hi, I'm Typhaine and I come from France. I came to the school AM Language for an internship during two-month. Finally, the school give me the opportunity to take lessons for 3 weeks with my internship. My level was Pre-intermediate and my professor was Marlon during 3 weeks. With Marlon, I learned a lot of grammar, I really needed this. What I liked most about my lessons is the way it is taught. In my school English lessons are different. Here in Am Language I found it more interesting, I liked talking with other classmates. I want to say thank you to Vicky for teaching me enormously in my internship, I learned a lot more I could have thought so. I loved working for her. It was a wonderful experience. When I came here I wasn’t able to speak English very well but finally I had long conversations and understood everything she was saying. It's a really great school! I met many people, I enjoy many activities. I really recommend everyone to live this amazing experience. I am sad to leave the school and people I’ve met here. So Enjoy you trip in Malta in this school. 
SIna Landvogt SIna Landvogt
 Hello guys my name is Sina Landvogt. I’m from Germany, but I live in Austria in Innsbruck. I stayed in lovely Malta three months. I had to improve my English because of my study program. I’m studying management in an international University. I was 3 weeks in a general English course and then in the business course. I liked going to the school, learning a lot in the lessons and I enjoyed every of them. I learned a lot and I improved my English very fast. My teachers were very nice and polite and they helped me to improving my English. After the school I met every day my friends and I took part on a lot of school activities with my friends. I liked to play laser tag and the Monday welcome parties: I was on every Monday welcome party to say “Hello” to the new students. I met in Malta a lot of new international friends. I’m going to miss the lovely beaches and the lovely islands of Gozo and Comino: the water there is so beautiful and clear, light blue. My best day was the one of the Am private boat trip. We had a whole day a boat only for us and we went in different places around the island of Comino, we drove jet-ski and air sofa. I want to keep improving my English and to keep in touch with my friends from Malta and meeting them again.