Student Feedback



Ozge, Turkey, April 2016

Hello. I am Ozge and I am from Turkey. I have been in Malta for 5 months. I am learning English to improve myself. I started to study at Elementary level and my level is Intermediate now. I had a lot of teachers at am Language Studio but first of all I am really thankfull to a few teachers who are the best at am language Studio .Wayne Zammit ,Seema Swamy Prasad and Lisa Scerri, I will never forget them .When I came to Malta ,I couldn’t speak English at all. The reasons were shyness and fear. I had a phobia about English. Although I thought I will never learn English finally I have achieved the aim of my staying here in English thanks to am Language Studio.There are still many things in order to learn English very well but I can do this now.I also met a lot of people that I will never forget in my life. I gained so many good experiences which I will use for my future.I want to say thank you for everything to everybody at the end of the my testimonial .When I go back to Turkey ,I will miss everything and everyone a lot.

Marco, Italy, April 2016

My name´s Marco, I from Sicily (Italy) and I´m 19 years old. I have been to Malta for just 5 weeks, but I would like to live one year here. The reason is that I could find more job possibilities in Malata than in my town. Also, I want to learn English for my future. I chose Malta because is near to my home and the weather is amazing. I decided to study In Am Language Studio for my cousin Rosario, he was studing here last year and he advised me. Now, I can´t regret my decission, I´m so happy.
I can meet with a lot of different people. Is a huge pleasure meet everyday with flatmates, classmates and my close friends. I feel so comfortable when I try to speak English, but I have few problems in grammar. However, I´m working hard during my lessons with my teacher Lesly, she encourage me everytime. I´m sure that I´ll brush up my English next months.
I live at the school accomodation, it´s the perfect atmosphere. Everyday I cook for my flatmates and friends. I ´m so glad because everybody like my Italian food.
About Malta, is amazing place where I can learn English and enjoy at the same time. I´ve already visited amazing places, sandy and rocks beaches. I saw excellents sunsets, even I enjoyed too much the maltese nightlife. Sometimes I´m a little bite sad when someone go back to home but I can find new friends quickly.
Finally, I say thanks a lot for join me in my maltese experience.

Charles, France, April 2016

I arrived by chance in Malta, seeking a solution to improve my English because it was very low, I obtained an ERASMUS stock exchange of 3 months for the destination of Malta. Arrived on this beautiful island, immersed in a wonderful host family and in internship in a company in Valletta, I had the opportunity to do one week of school at am Language Studio. At that time everything started, I met students and great leaders who proposed me to participate in activities. So I was able to meet people from all over the world, I loved this mix of people and culture, I learned a lot from it and I improved my English by discussing with students.
The activities also allow you to visit the beautiful island of Malta, I became a lover, I recommend Malta to all my friends and I’m planning to return here on holiday. About my internship, I was greeted by a wonderful tutor and I quickly integrated into the chat with tourists from all over the world allowed me to work my English, now I feel more comfortable with that language.
In conclusion, I can say that living in complete immersion in Malta is a great solution for learning English. When I go back to France, what I will miss the most is all the people I’ve met, the sun and the beautiful landscape.”

Tamara, Spain, April 2016

When my husband and I were thinking about how we could learn English, we realized that Malta was definitely the best option, there are two main reason, the weather and the price.
Thereafter the reality was even better than the expectation, the experience was really good, we stayed in an apartment with young and interesting people from other countries. Not only you learn English in the school, but also and especially speaking outside. We usually spent long time speaking about the differences between our cultures, I sometimes think that the best of Malta is the real immersion, forgetting your language and integrating with the lovely environment of people who want to learn English as well. Besides that, the school was deeply enriching, every day you learn new words and typical expressions you can’t learn by yourself, in class you talk with other students and the teacher check your speaking, it’s the quickest way to improve. The only bad thing is we are going to miss too much this life, this weather and especially these people, I think that it’s really worth it.

Luba, Russia, April 2016

Hello my name is Luba. I arrived to Malta on January 17 to teach English. I studied English with AM Language Studio. Do you ask why I chose this school? Because the school has a lot of experience. The school has an interesting teacher all with different approaches to learning. At first time it was difficult. But then I did not notice how I became fluent in English. The school is always propose a lot Activities. I think everyone should get experience learning in Malta. Because it is a rewarding experience. You meet a lot of foreign students to understand their culture and way of life. Learn English in Malta is much more interesting than the usual holidays abroad. There never boring. Thank you to all students and teachers who have studied with me all these three months. I will never forget you, you will always be in my heart. I would like to go back and try it again.

Federica, Italy, April 2016

I need just three words to find the perfect description of this school: “The Big Deal”. And that´s exactly what this school was for me.
I´m Federica from Italy, and two months ago, I decided to improve my English for my job. I was looking for a good balance to invest my money in something of quality, and I found am Language Studio.
Firstly, I decided to trust the school because I was really impressed about its photos, posts and activities that I saw on its Facebook Page. They looked so interesting and I was convinced by then.
When I arrived here, I realized that it was a very big deal since the first day. I have the opportunity to improve my grammar and speaking mostly, first of all because I lived in a flat of the school that I shared with gorgeous students like me , from all over the world (A good international mix in the class but also in our flat. It’s the best way to never stop learning English and reaching your goal).
Secondly, but not least, I´ve found the best teachers I could have asked for. I started in an Intermediate Level in a nice and funny class where I met Tessa, the teacher that pushed me to challenge myself. She believed in me and in my abilities enough to push me to try the test to change the level.
I didn´t believe in myself before to do this, I was so scared to fail but after I decided to challenge my possibilities.
The result was amazing and it was one of the best satisfactions of my life. I passed the test and now I´m in the Upper-Intermediate level, where I was also so lucky to find another great teacher, Michelle, who since the first day in her class made me feel so comfortable with my new classmates and with her new method.
I highly recommend am Language, which is not only a school, but also it’s a place where you will find a big international family away from your country, which will make you feel “at home”.
I want to say “ Thank you” to my wonderful teachers, who taught me the best way to improve my English, who gave me teachings for life .A lso I´ll never forget my classmates and flatmates, with whom I shared lessons at school and enjoyed this beautiful island, Malta.
My best memories are here.
In conclusion, you should trust me, because if you choose am Language Studio, you will understand the meaning of “growing up, and experience that you will never forget”.

Marco, Italy, March 2016

Hi, I’m Marco, I come from Sardinia (Italy), I arrived in Malta on January and I’ve stayed here for two months. I chose AM Language School because a lot of people told me that it is the most important and serious school in Malta. I had different teachers, all very good prepared and nice. I didn’t have a very crowded class so I could learn English very well; also because I had some nice classmates with whom to make friends and conversation. Special thanks goes to the social coordinators, especially Mohanad, Amparo and Sacha, they are beautiful people, they helped me so much and with the school activities ,it was really fun.
The only advice I can give to those who would like to come here is just do it, because it it’s really amazing.
Of course I will come back next year

Sofia , Italy, March 2016

I chose this school because a lot people I have spoken with told me it’s very a very good school , not wrong! am School was really a good choice! My name is Sofia, I’m 26 and I come from Sardinia! I arrived in Malta in January and I’ve been here two months. I had some very good teachers, their lessons were pleasant and interesting. I had several classmates and I met many people from other countries with different cultures! A special thanks to the leaders, thanks to their great activities, they work for us with passion and always with a smile! I will be back!

Lotte, The Netherlands, March 2016

Hi, I´m Lotte. I´m 21 years old and I´m from the Netherlands. I arrived in Malta in February and stayed here for two weeks. I chose Am Language Studio because of the good references. I learned a lot in the last two weeks because I talked to people from all over the world. The lessons were also very nice. The teachers are friendly and teach very well. I really enjoyed the school activities, specially thank to the leaders. If you want to learn how to speak English better and also want to have a great time then am Language Studio is the place to be.

Carol, Brazil, March 2016

Hello everybody! My name´s Carol and I come from Brasil, exactly I live in Recife. I arrived last September and I have been in Malta for 6 months. I came to Malta because I would like to learn English for my professional career. Also, I was looking for a place where I could live a lot of funny adventures and histories. In Malta I have had the best opportunity to find a lot of nice friends from different countries and also from my same city, everybody is amazing, friendly and lovely. I remember too many crazy and funny moments with them. I will never forget my colleagues. I have a close relationship with the leaders, Amparo is the best leader. I´m so happy in my apartment, I always enjoy it there. In am Language Studio I study general course in the Intermediate level and Business course. I went to all the leisure school activities; there are so many fun things to do with the amazing team. Malta is not just to study English. I visited other European countries, for example: Spain, Sweden, England, Italy and Hungary. For sure, I´m going to come back to Europe next year. I don´t regret my decision, I would like to encourage everyone to live the same experience.

Adnan, Turkey, March 2016

Hi, my name is Adnan, but the most people in school call me ‘Jamaica man’. I’m from Bodrum in Turkey. I arrived last January and I have been in Malta for 2 months. I was looking for an English school, I chose am Language studio and I am very happy with my decision. I started in the Elementary class. My teacher was Lesley. She’s really understanding. I was in that class for 2 weeks and then I changed my level to pre-intermediate. My teacher in this class is Marlon. He is really creative and patient. I’m very pleased with him. My biggest challenge is speaking during the lessons. I’m talking to all my friends and every day I find new interesting cities, traditional food and culture. I made a lot of new friends. Also now I’m watching every movie with English subtitles. This is a great memory for me and next winter I want to come to Malta again. I was waiting for a long time to make this plan but you shouldn’t wait long because you’ll find a big perfect family here. This is a structure for life, join this happy family!

Samirah, Holland, March 2016

My name is Samirah Kleijngeld and I’m from Uden (Holland). Last week I followed English lessons at am Language Studio, where I also do my internship since last Monday. The level which I started my English course was Business Intermediate. At the end of last week I received a certificate for my English course. To be honest I didn’t expect, because I found it a bit difficult. Now I know why: I couldn’t understand all the terms (words) which my teacher Peter Cassar Torreggiani used. Business Intermediate is (most) based on Marketing and I’m a student of Executive Secretary. Peter is a very great teacher who will help you as good as possible. Every day after the lessons he asked me what I really wanted to learn the next day and then he made sure that he had tasks for it to exercise so I had never to do the same (diversity is enjoyable). Sometimes we also got homework. Because of my insecurity he tried to help me as much as possible and so I had to try a lot of talk in English.
The most challenging during my study is speaking and grammar. I have also learned of my classmates, because they helped me explaining words I didn’t understand and with the grammar. I will be an intern at am Language Studio until 24 June this year, so I have to go a big adventure (experience)!
For those who will also want to learn English, my opinion is: go for it! Now it’s your change and it’s never enough/you are never too old to learn! am Language Studio is absolutely a great place to follow a English course! It is not only study, because they also organize enjoyable activities!

Serena, Italy, March 2016

My name is Serena, I’m from Italy.
My dear Italian friend Gloria had this experience in Malta last year. She told me about am Language. I always wanted to do a good English course, so i took courage and I enrolled. I was not wrong because in my first day I felt at home. I met many people from all over the world; I visited a lot of places in Malta, beautiful places. I had a lot of activities and party and I improved my English. This is a full important experience that each person should do in life.
Thanks am Language, thanks to all leaders, thanks to my teacher Christine Grech for all her patience. Thank to my funny class and my crazy roommates.
I carry all on in my heart and I hope to return soon in Malta

Dora, Hungary, February 2016

Hello! My name´s Dora Orsolya, I come from Hungary. I have studied at am Language Studio for 1 month; I have spent a great time with my lovely friends. I chose Am Language Studio because my travel agent advised me about the best school in Malta, and I don´t regret my decision. I started and progressed in Pre-Intermediate level. My teachers were Kyle Atkins and Seema, both are good teachers, I enjoyed and I felt comfortable in all my lessons. I found the grammar the most challenging during my English studies. I was so lucky with my classmates; also I have a lot of fun histories with Italian and Turkish friends. I’ve always studied at home after my lessons. I remind my most memorable experience in Malta; of course, it was my first Welcome Party. I had the opportunity to talk with new friends and I could start good relationships. My honest advice is come to Malta!

Feray, Turkey, February 2016

Am Testimonial, Feray from Turkey:

Hi. My name is Feray from Turkey. I’ve been studying in am Language for 3 months to improve my English. I chose Malta because of my agency, who suggested to me. If you ask me if I have regrets, I’ll say no. Because I’ve been learning many things every day. I can say that I was worried before coming to Malta, but now I feel a bit sorry because I have just a week left. To be honest I would stay longer. I have a lot of friends from different nationalities. I see them as my second family. Also my teachers have been very helpful and friendly. Firstly I want to say thank you to them; Gina, Seema and Kyle. They are really great teachers and people. When I came here I was in Elementary but now I’m Intermediate thanks to them. I would like to say “Thank you everybody for everything”. I’ll never forget this experience for the rest of my life. Maybe one day we’ll see each other again, who knows. Take care and don’t forget me am Language school!!

Lubomira, Slovakia, February 2016

Am Language testimonial, Lubomira from Slovakia:

Hi. I’m Lubomira from Slovakia.I’ve been studying in Malta for six months.Firstly,I decided to study English abroad,because I wanted to improve my English. Although I studied English at the high school.I didn’t speak very well,almost  nothing,before I came here,when i was choosing a school,the most important thing was not only a good price,but good references too. Honestly,i didn’t know anything about am School before, because that time wasn’t my first time in Malta,I wanted to choose right. I can say that I didn’t regret my choise.I found a lot of new friends and I could know another cultures,traditional habits…Secondly when I arrived here I started as pre-intermediate and then after 1 month I changed my level to ntermediate.Therefore I can see progress not only in my English but in my personality too , I want to say big thanks to all teachers mainly Seema, Andre, Danielle and Tesa.They were my teachers for a long time and every lesson with them were full of fun..But I had a lot of teachers , who have different ways of teaching and all of them are very helpful,friendly and patient. That experience gave me many valuable advices for my future’s life. I’m glad I met everyone of them,my classmates ,flatmates,roommates. Am School offer a lot of leisure activities and it is good an opportunity to meet people, who can be a good or best friend.I’m thankful that I met all of you and I could spend my free time with you. Big thanks to everybody. Take care of yourselves. I hope to see soon again. Advice to everyone of you thinking about some course in a foreign country. If you choose this school, you will never regret your decision. I will never forget my experience here.

Marilia, Brazil, February 2016

Am Language testimonial, Marilia from Brazil:

Hello! My name is Marilia Dantas and I come from Brazil, Recife. I have studied English in Am Language Studio for just 2 months, short and fantastique time. Firstly I decided to study English in Europe, then I chose Malta. I was looking for the best school, and I found a lot of good impressions about am Language Studio. Now, I know that I didn´t make any mistake when I decided to come to am. Definitely was the best decision!

I always follow my clases in Intermediate level and I learnt a lot. I have never missed lessons because the classes are dynamic, funny and interactive. The most challenging during my studies was speaking, because was the first time that I could speak English with other people flatmates, teachers, classmates, leaders and other students from differents countries. Was a pleasure meeting people with different culture that come from other places and speak different languages. This was the most memorable experience, just Malta Experience. I want to invite the rest of people to come to Malta and enjoy like me!!

Niccolo, Italy, February 2016

Hi, I’m Niccolò and I come from Italy. I have studied for three months in am language studio. I chose this school for its reviews on the internet. I started in pre-intermediate level but I now want to level up. My first teacher was Wayne, he is my favourite teacher: I like how he teaches and how he helps us to improve our English and how friendly he is. I found most challenging speaking with the teacher and the friends to improve the language. I really like the study method through electric whiteboard. I can define my classmates as unique and nice people . I learned a lot from them, especially the traditions of their countries and their passions. Every time I go home after school I start to study English in the afternoon to improve myself and I talk with other students.

My most beautiful experience from Malta is that I had known spectacular people like Sacha , a girl who makes unique and unforgettable evenings , and many students that are happy to be here. I am fascinated by Malta for its history and its splendour. I recommend for those who want to learn English not to be shy and isolated but to meet a lot of people and hang out as much as possible so you can improve yourself.

Have fun and study by Niccolò!

Jet, The Netherlands, February 2016

Am Language testimonial, Jet from The Netherlands:

Hi, my name is Jet and I come from The Netherlands. I have studied for one week at AM Language Studio. During that week I met so many lovely people and had so much fun! And that is what makes am the best language school in Malta. am doesn’t only give you the opportunity to learn English but they also give you the opportunity to get to know Malta and show you how beautiful and fun it is. Every little thing they do, they do it with passion, love and a big smile. I will never forget the roof parties, the welcome parties and of course the lovely people who work day by day for us to organize everything!

My advice for those who want to learn English? Go to am Language studio and you will have the best lessons and time of your life!

I didn’t choose am Language Studio but it was selected for me. Well, I will thank those people for the rest of my life!

Piotr, Poland, February 2016

When I was looking for a school to learn English in Malta I thought only about the highest level of education and because of that I chose am Language Studio.

But I found here a lot more. I met amazing people from all the world. People with passion, with smiles on their faces.

I found here the best teachers, beautiful atmosphere and the greatest parties in Malta. My name is Piotr. I’m 24. I’m from Poland and I want to thank you for everything. I’ve had a great time and I´ll be back.

Rafaella, Brazil, January 2016

Hi! I am Rafaella from Brazil I have been studying in AM Language for two months. I chose Malta because many friends told me about the weather and how good it is to live in Malta.

I started in the pre intermadite level. My class was wonderful. Every day I was learning more and improving my English. My teachers were Seema and Michelle, with their own way, helped me a lot during my time in Malta..

After two months I can see how my English has improved in all aspects, specially about speaking.

In Malta I learned not only English, but I had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people from all the world.

I´m completely grateful to all people who helped me during my time in Malta, specially my roommate Carol, my favourite leader Amparo, my classmate Patrizia and my teacher Seema. Thanks for all the adventures, learning and care. I can´t forget all the team at Am Language School, thanks for the patience and encouragement throughout this time.

The island of Malta, is an amazing place that the school offers. Every day I discover new things and histories here. The joyful and good moments I lived here helped me overcome my fears and difficultes and made me a better person.


Thank you!

Lobke, Holland, January 2016

Hello my name is Lobke van Riet, I’m 21 years old and I am from Holland. I came to Malta for an internship at Grand Hotel Excelsior but first I did an English course at am Language. For 2 weeks I followed classes in the business course. I was with two other girls so it wasn’t a big group and because of that I learned a lot! I had two different teachers and they were both very good. They were both very different but good in their own way of teaching. The school is very beautiful and everybody is so kind to each other. When we had our break on school we always went to the rooftop and there you have an amazing view over Malta. The school organized a lot of fun activities and with those activities you get to know a lot of new people from all over the world. I had a great time at the school and I really improved my English ! I still will go to some of the activities, like tonight; I will go to the Brazilian night.

Everyone in the school, thank you very much, because of you I have a great start of my life in Malta.

Daphne, The Netherlands, January 2016

Hi! My name is Daphne Van Der Velden and I’m from The Netherlands.

I’ve been studying in AM Language for two weeks. I chose Malta because I heard great stories about it. Also the weather is much better than in The Netherlands. I started in the upper-intermediate level in the business course. I’ve learned al lot about marketing and learn more about the business world. The teachers were great, really nice and fun, they told us a lot about thir lives in Malta.

I’ve improved my English skills and I’m very happy about it.

Also it’s a nice way to meet different people from all around the world,you will meet so many new people and through the activities of the school you will get to know each other more and more. Also, it’s a nice way to see Malta.

I think if you are going to do your internship in Malta it really helps to go to the school first because you will improve the language and you will be confident at your internship to speak English and you will make a lot of new friends.

I’m happy that I went to AM language, but now I’ll start my internship in Valletta. I want to thank everybody from the school for the fun time and the adventures I had.

P.S I’m still coming to the parties!

Coskun, Turkey, January 2016

My name is Coskun Ozturk. I come fromTurkey. I´m electrician and electronic engineer. I arrived in Malta last November! Two months ago, but I will be here until May, 6 months. Now I´m in Malta because I´m learnig English for job in my country.

This is my first experience abroad , I have never visited other countries before Malta. I want to visit another Europen countries too.

My first teacher in Am Language Studio was Leshley. Now my teacher is Wayne, he is the best teacher because his class is really fun. I started in beginner level , after 3 weeks studying I changed to elementary level.

I like living in Malta because there is a fantastic weather, hot and sunny.

In my opinion all people should come to Malta to learn English like me. People, thanks for help me every day

Ünal, Turkey, January 2016

Hello, ciao, hola guys, I´m Ünal from Turkey. I have been in Malta for six months. I can say that this time belongs to the best experiencia of my life. When I came here, I was worried because I didn’t know if Malta would be good, or could I really improve English? But I´m telling you now, you should defintely choose Malta for learning English.

When I came here I started at Elementary level. Our class was spectacular. I learned a lot of English in this class. After I passed the exam and went to Wayne’s class. Wayne was the best and funniest teacher I’ve ever seen, thank you Wayne for everything. Now I continue to learn so much in the Intermediate class with Daniel.

I’ve learned outside the class too. Really there were so many leisure activities, students with differents cultures. Especially, Am Language famous “Welcome Party” on Mondays. If I hadn´t chosen Am Language, I wouldn´t have seen this party I will never forget it, and I want to advice you, if you come here, you should visit Mdina and eat chocolate cake (It may be the best in the world), and meet with friens at the beach, songs from every language, conversations, lovely memories, sometimes discussions, each was a great experience for me.

I want to say thank you to Am Language Studio, thank you for the time I spent here and for the given opportunity to get a great life and friends. If I tell one by one the names I couldn’t drink coffee until the morning. I will miss you all immensely. Due to the above reasons, I will surely come back one day.

Thanks a lot guys, I´m so pleased

Yulia, Russia, January 2016

My name is Yulia, I came to Malta from Russia 2.5 months ago. It’s my second time in this magic place. Malta gives the possibility not just to learn English for a short spell of time but also find close friends or even change one’s life. I started my study in am Language Studio at intermediate level last year. I remember my first lesson in Tessa’s class. I was excited and scared, at the beginning everything seemed to me very difficult but already after a couple of days I felt like at home. Now I’m in upper-intermediate level, and my teacher Michelle never let us relax, thanks to her I’ve known a lot of idioms. I feel more confident. I like to feel my brain working after the lessons. Malta already has changed a lot of lives. Someone found a partner and got married, someone left home for good and so on. I don’t know anyone who regret about his/her time in our school and Malta

Gabriele, Italy, December 2015

Hello everybody! I’m Gabriele and I come from Italy, I live in a wonderful island Sardinia! I love the sea, the sun, the friendly people and, of course, I’d like to learn English . That’s why I’m in Malta and I’m studying in AM Language Studio! Some of my friends suggested me this school, they told me that it was the best and now I can say they were right!!! AM means family, home, friendship… I remember my first day… I was so scared to speak in English but after a few time I felt so comfortable with everyone, first of all with my teacher, Christin, a really nice person! Thank you so much to everybody. Thank you for all the beautiful moments, I enjoyed a lot!!! I’ll never forget this amazing experience! I’d like to come back as soon as possible. Guys, I want to give you an advice: If you want to learn or improve your English, you HAVE TO choose AM Language Studio cause you can learn English in a funny way!!!! Thank you for all, I love you!!!! By the Cool guy Gabriele!

Cristiana, Italy, December 2015

Hi everyone, I’m Cristiana and I come from Italy. I stayed in Malta for eight weeks and I studied English at Am Language Studio, in Sliema. When I was requested to write my testimonial, it came up to my mind all the beautiful memories of my study trip and I remembered a famous phrase that I read when I came back to Italy: “People don’t take trips; trips take people”. Now I can confirm that is absolutely true. My two months in Malta were definitely the best weeks of my life so far, not only for the fact that I met new people and I found new good friends, but also because in this time abroad I learnt so many things about myself I never knew before. To be honest, I didn’t know any English school in Malta because I never have been in Malta before, so I decided to rely on an Italian-Maltese agency to book my trip. Eventually, I chose Am Language because I was attracted to the photos posted on school Facebook page and, most importantly, because I learnt about the highly qualified and experienced teachers who work in the school from my agent. I started to study English like an “intermediate level” student and, after seven weeks, I managed to pass the exam to “upper-intermediate” class: this was a triumph for me! During the lessons, I gained independence and I became more confident. Without any doubt, I have to say thanks especially to my lovely teacher Tessa (B.), because in the class she allowed me to put aside my shyness and encouraged me to study English with passion. Anyway, I loved to stay in Andrew’s class, where I was at the beginning and met best friends and, even if for only one week (“BUT I LOVE HER” and her examples about food and Kyra), Michelle’s lessons. Guys, studying abroad is an amazing experience and I cannot recommend it enough. If you want to learn English or improve your linguistic skills, Am Language would be a perfect opportunity to do it. Thank you to EVERY person at Am school, a huge thank you to Claudia Abela (from the Sales Office) and thank you to our specials “leaders”, always ready to entertain and help the students.

Serena, Italy, December 2015

Hi, my name is Serena and I am from Italy. I remember the day last of May I was working when I decided to stop and have a new experience. During summer when I was on the beach I decided to come to Malta. The next day I bought my flight ticket and the 20th of September I left my country and I arrived here. Malta is a small island but you can find everything. I visited amazing beaches and a lot of historical cities. It was a pleasure for me to study in am Language Studio. I had great teachers and I got lot of new international friends. With these new friends I experienced moments I will never forget, especially with my dear flatmates.
Every week there were organized school activities and I have never missed the Welcome party or Friday Night in Paceville. Besides all the parties and fun I also really improved my English in a short time. I started in Elementary with Gina and Seema. Then I moved to Pre-Intermediate with Seema and I had my private lessons with Tessa B.
This is something I am really proud of and I would recommend it to everybody!
I would like to thank everybody who was part of my Malta experience.
It was amazing !
I will never forget all the moments we made together. A part of me will always stay here!

Valeria, Italy, December 2015

Hello! I’m Valeria from Italy! I have been studying at AM Language School for two months. When I decided to study English abroad, I chose Malta cause I had never visited it before. After two months, my time in Malta is coming to an end. I remember the first week, as if it was yesterday. The time has passed quickly and happily. I have met beautiful people, who are always going to be part of my life.
Thanks to Seema, my teacher in Pre-intermediate course ! I am grateful to her for her patience and friendship ; she always encouraged me to do my utmost . After being in the class, I understood grammar, learnt new vocabulary, enjoyed participating in speaking topics and I progressed to intermediate level !
Thanks to Tessa, my teacher in intermediate course because I am getting better everyday and also thanks to the other teachers of AM , who I met in my private lessons! They were all competent and good to me.
I’ll remember the terrace of the school with a cafe bar for having breakfast and lunch together. During the break I spoke with the other students about our plans. Thanks to Oliver who from the first time has welcomed me with a smile !
Studying English for me at AM School has been a challenge but also a pleasant one. During my stay in Malta I’ve also visited a lot of interesting places, had different activities with the school and with my friends. Thanks to all the staff of AM Leisure, because they are amazing people! They work very hard to organize every week , every day so many different activities for the students… thanks to them, my period in Malta wasn’t only to study but also to tour and discover this beautiful Island, their cities and landscapes. All these activities have been very useful to socialize and practise English.
Finally, but in order of importance, I will never forget my school friends and fellow travellers. I met people from every part of the world. This experience in AM Language left me new knowledge about different cultures and ways to think. I have tasted new food, I learnt how the people live in different parts of the world, their religion, we have spoken about our different experiences of life, politic opinions, love, music and everything, like old friends. Students from different parts of the world come to AM and I have been in this world too, from America to Asia through Europe!!I will remember each one of them, for their friendship, for the time we have spent together, for their smiles, for every single day and night passed together. Everyone of them left me something! I hope to see you again, in AM or any part of the world! The whole experience has been fabulous! I suggest everyone to live this International experience in AM at least once in your life!! Enjoy my friends and good luck for your lives! !kisses!

Ayse, Germany, December 2015

Hey guys, I’m Ayse (18) from Germany. I have been in Malta for 5 weeks and I can say that this spell of time belongs to the best experiences in my life so far.
If I had gone directly to university, I wouldn’t have come to Malta, met so many people and become friends with them. When I came here, my goal was only to brush up my English. Asking myself the question “Did I achieve this goal?”, there is just only one answer: ABSOLUTELY. Not only did I put a check next to the task ‘brushing up English’, but next to ‘getting out of comfort zone’ as well. Thanks to crazy people (including my flatmates, classmates and teacher Michelle) I learned to come out of this and being more spontaneous.
At this point I want to say a big THANK YOU to our lovely leaders, who are organising the school activities. Because of you guys not only did I have the chance to get language experiences, but cultural too. For example, the view when I entered Popeye Village was breathtaking ( if someone of you guys have the chance to visit this village, DO IT!).
I felt like going to every Welcome Party on Mondays or Paceville Night on Fridays belongs to the tradition of this school. This tradition is by far one of the greatest traditions I’ve ever seen.
I can’t finish my testimonial without mentioning my teacher Michelle! My whole life I have been a student and spent my time with teachers around me. I’ve never met someone like Michelle. Not only were her lessons fun but they were varied as well. Thanks to her and her creativity we had different kinds of lessons. To give an example, in one lesson we were discussing about hot issues and in another lesson we were singing a song by James Blunt! These awkward moments will stay in my mind forever.
Finally I want to say thank you to Am Language Studio for creating a school, where you can enjoy your life in Malta while brushing up your English. Thank you for the time I spent here and for the given opportunity to make a great lifetime-experience.
I sincerely recommend everyone to come to Malta but especially to take part in our school, AM LANGUAGE SCHOOL. It’s like becoming a member of a big family, which will welcome you with open arms and a big hug.
Thank you to every single person I met here in Malta, whether at AM Language School or outside! You guys are the best!

Ceylan, Turkey, December 2015

Hey guys I’m Ceylan from Turkey. I have been in Malta for 6 weeks. I’m studying business at the University. I need to learn English for my job. My chose this school for the activities, and the quality of education. I started this program as a beginner and now I am continuing education in elementary level. My teachers are Cristina and Seema. The style was different from the style of Turkish teachers. Before I came here, I had learnt grammar but It wasn’t enought for me . I came here to improve my speaking skills.. Courses are very enjoylable. when I’m in class, the teacher wanted us to talk about ourselves among us. It makes me happy to try speaking with myclassmates about something . I have a lot of friends from different countries in class. It’s very interesting to have foreign friends.. I have always wondered about different cultures and learn different cultures . I have a lot of friends in Malta and I’m living an unforgettable experience. I can always talk to people and I will never forget them. My advice, if you want to learn english, you should watch movies and reading book.

Emre, Turkey, December 2015

Hi everybody. I’m Emre from Turkey. I have been in Malta for 3 months. Malta was my first experience living abroad. I had heard a lot of good thing about Am Languages Studio. Actually, my friend went to Malta from Turkey. After İ checked about Am Languages Studio on internet so I saw activity photographs and comments. I decided to go to the chool. I learned a lot in class. For example: grammar, speaking and writing. When I arrivedin Malta, I didn’t speak English. Maybe, I could say simple things but now, I can speaking and discuss. My teacher were Gina, Ray and Kyle. Gina is a perfect teacher, she enjoys teaching. I learned how can I do jokes with Ray. Kyle is good teacher and grammar is important for him. I have a lot of friends from different countries. I’m happy because I met them. Italy, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Ukraine… If you want to learn English, you should come to am Languages Studio. Activities all the time, a different experience waiting for you in Malta.

Afdeline Castel, France, November 2015

Hello, my name is Adeline Castel and I come from Paris, France. I am 23 years old and I’ve just finished my Masters Degree in communication and event organization. Before looking for a job, I decided to take 4 weeks of intensive course at Am Language Studio. This school in Malta gave me the opportunity to improve my English by speaking more. My level is intermediate and even if I didn’t pass to the next level, I now feel more comfortable with this language than when I arrived. I really tried hard to refresh my memory, to apply myself and pronounce well in order to forget my French accent and now I’m not worried about making mistakes.
I am glad I’ve studied at am Language Studio. I really liked my teachers: Elle, Monica, Andrew and Tessa. They were super friendly, very involved in our progress and their lessons were really fun. Along with their different teaching styles, they all focus their lessons on speaking, listening comprehension and grammar. I really liked interacting with them. Grammar is necessary but it wasn’t that easy, especially when you have to use it orally. In fact, what I preferred was speaking. And these lessons were very pleasant thanks to my awesome classmates. It was interesting to share experiences and points of view about our different countries and culture. Everybody was open-minded and willing to learn and progress together.
At the school, I also can’t forget everybody in the Leisure department who made this experience unforgettable. I often participated in activities in order to discover Malta, the richness of its culture, the beauty of its landscapes and the beaches and Maltese lifestyle. The Leisure department allowed us, through numerous and exciting activities, to share amazing times! Keep your smile, kindness and energy!
To conclude, I can’t tell you only one memorable experience… the entire trip was awesome! If you want to learn English with a professional team, share experiences with people from all nationalities and discover a beautiful country, come to Am Language Studio in Malta! You will never regret it.
Teachers, the Leisure department, classmates and every friend I met in Malta, thank you for every moment. I won’t forget you. Malta, see you soon. It was my first time but definitely not the last.

Chiara, Italy, November 2015

Hi everyone, I’m Chiara, an Italian girl from the south of Italy. I arrived here in Malta a week ago, but I can already say that it‘ll be an incredible experience. Just few weeks ago, I was wondering about a place where I could study to improve my English skills, and now, here I AM!! Surfing on the Net I found a lot of positive reports talking about AM Language School. Moreover, a friend of mine had enthusiastically recommended this school because its professionalism and reliability. So I decided to move here in Malta. A team of young and smiling guys welcomed me and they made me feel at home since the first day. I’ve just finished my first week of lessons in the Upper- Intermediate class with my teacher, Michelle. She is lovely and her lessons are pretty interesting. She always has a special story to tell us. During this week, in particular we worked on pronunciation and it was a very hard challenge. I’ve learnt a lot of new words and idioms. My classmates come from all over the world. We have different traditions, culture and it is amazing to learn English and at the same time exchange our ideas. It’s pretty interesting open your mind and think outside the box. The AM Language TEAM every week plans a list of amusing activities for us. Every Monday there is a “WELCOME PARTY” where students can join new student of AM and enjoy their time dancing and drinking all together. It’s a good opportunity to talk and improve your English. They also organized different excursions, for example to Gozo and Comino Islands, and you will enjoy the sun and the clear water of the wonderful Blue Lagoon. You can also participate to the Karaoke night or you can keep fit with a Zumba along the Surfside… Everything is settled for you…You don’t have to think about anything! Just Come in Malta, join AM Language School and enjoy it! For this reason I would like to say thank you to everybody! In my eyes I think that this is much more than anyone could have expected!!

Paola, Italy, November 2015

Hi! My name is Paola, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Italy.
It was only on the 2nd of November when I arrived in AM Language School, and my first impression was: “This school is fantastic!” Our tutors are so funny, helpful and always with a smile for us.
All the Staff of the School is professional and all really nice, from the teachers to Oliver, who works in our roof terrace, a beautiful place where we can find a lot of good food to eat for the breaks and lunch, and also improve our English with all other students.
I discovered AM Language School, because a friend of mine had come to this school last year, and she told me very positive things. Now I’m here for other 2 weeks.
I’m studying at Pre-intermediate level, my teacher is Seema and I like her so much…really! Her lessons pass so fast and we enjoy so much with a lot of activities and exercises that she plans for us.
The activities organized are very interesting, which start from the morning until late at night: party, excursions, dinners, cinema and more. In my mind these are most important to improve our English everywhere with everyone.
I feel really well with my classmates and the other students, we always stay together for a film, dinners, also speak about everything, which I love.
I’m delighted because I’m learning a lot of new words and also able to speak better than before.
I love that, I have the possibility to meet and to know some people from different countries and this is so special!
I’ve never had an experience like this and I would like to say to the boys and girls who would try to learn and improve their English in a school: “KEEP CALM AND STUDY AT AM!”
Thanks a lot, I feel great to stay here with you!

Giuseppe, Italy, November 2015

We can imagine an idea of mine: “The Island of the world” When I was in my city, NAPOLI, I had this thought, to learn and improve my English. I was sat in front of the computer at the desk, looking for an opportunity. I saw Malta and it is a beautiful place with a lot of history and at the end I found the website for “AM Language School”. I saw an economic advantage and I saw a lot of positive comments about the school, with an exchange of e-mail…..I was ready to start this experience!!! When I arrived in the airport of Malta, I saw immediately my name printed on a card: Giuseppe Micillo. I arrived at my Host Family house and I was welcomed and accepted , it looked like they were my real family. I’m staying there for one month, with happiness all the time.
Now we can imagine being in a classroom of the school. Where…? My teacher Seema, with her pleasant manners and attention, she really enjoys teaching, while my teacher Mr Wayne is very congenial when teaching us. Both, with perseverance and a lot of competence, help us to overcome and improve our level, as a Pre-Intermediate student that I am. They give us a lot of interesting grammar exercises and the most important, experience, in every lesson. It is when we must speak of the culture of our countries we have the possibility to learn the opinion and the history of our friends, not only classmates.
We have learnt as well the sadness when friends leave the school to go back to their home, other friends invite you to visit their countries and the Chilean friends call you “brother”, because you spend all your time together with marvellous excursions organized by the school, between nature and history with fantastic leaders that learn and have emotions with you. My suggestion for you is: “AM LANGUAGE SCHOOL, THE ISLAND OF THE WORLD”.

Elena, Italy, November 2015

My name’s Elena and I’m from Treviso, Italy. I’ve studied at Am language studio for 5 months. I’ve chosen this school because next year I would like to begin with a PhD in Natural Science so I needed to improve my English. At the same time I wanted to try an experience abroad where I could have the chance to live far away from my home, to be independent and to get to know people from other countries. The good weather, amazing beaches and fun school activities have made everything more unbelievable. Now I can say I’ve made the best choice for myself!!! I would like to say thank you to both my teachers. The first is Tessa B. With her I learnt a lot. She’s always been sweet with me. Every time she spurred me on to study English and also she encouraged me when I had bad moments. She was like a mum to me. I will never forget what she did for me. The second is Michelle P. I like her as a teacher and as a woman. I like her style: lively, ironic and exciting. But especially I love her way of teaching: the passion she put into her Job.
I will never forget my first days in the school, how difficult it was to speak English for me… and now I’m not afraid of speaking anymore!!!! What really helped me was to know a lot of people from so many countries. I can’t say how many things I’ve learnt about each and every culture. This has helped me to cast aside any prejudices I had -because we don’t judge!- to become open-minded.
But the best thing that could have happened to me was getting to know people I never thought could be my friends. We’ve shared so many moments. It was impossible not to become close. When I think about every single memory, especially with my flatmates… We’ve been like a family! I wish those friendships could be last a lifetime and it would be possible to meet each other somewhere again.
If someone asked me one advice I could just say this is an amazing experience, you can get to know so many people, you can learn a lot about everything, and you can start to see everything in a different way… Get the most out of this experience because it can give you so much!!!

Matteo, Italy, November 2015

I’ m Matteo from Italy and I was in Malta for five weeks, now I’m back in Italy but I can’t forget my great time there.
I ‘d like to ask you when and where in your life, you can meet people from everywhere and share with them a period of your life.
I started to study English last spring because when I was at school I had studied German. When you study a language at school the results aren’t always good because sometimes you are not interested ,you are bored. Here if you want to meet people, you have to try to speak. It’s diffucult but fun and exciting.
All the people come to the school for the same reason, study and have a good time and so it isn’t difficult to make new friends, improve your own skills and enjoy.
Am school has been the right choice, my teacher was Seema, she worked hard with us all the time, sometimes I was lost, but she called me and I had to return in our lesson!! Seema loves her job and loves her students and that’s why my classmates and I were lucky.
After school a wide and varied group of leaders accompanied us all the time with many activities, every day there was something different and suitable for all. The boss and the leaders of these activities have been fantastic and amazing, you can’t get bored with them. I hope , Am School will always find leaders like these.

Adriana, Portugal, November 2015

Hi, my name is Adriana! I’m 23 and I come from Portugal! I was in Am Language for one week, one of the best weeks of my life! I chose am Language Studio through an agency of Portugal, but as soon as I started researching more about this school I was just very curious to know Malta and this school! I came to Malta because it is a place where there is a lot of cultural variety.People from many different countries and especially because in Malta people also speak English. I wanted to develop a little more the English language and in one week I learned a lot! Am Language is very affordable and they provides their own apartments, which makes it more practical! After school there are always plenty of activities to do, which makes it much more rewarding! It was possible to visit the main sites around Sliema and enjoy Paceville night with private transport! am Language has very good places to hang out, especially the open terrace with fantastic views! I loved every moment those days, and no doubt , I ‘d love to repeat it! If I have the opportunity, I will return to Malta and to Am Language! I would like to thank all the people who are part of this fantastic team. They helped us a lot to integrate in the group right from the first day!

Antonio, Spain, November 2015

I’m Tony, from Spain.
I’m studying English at am Language School for one month. It’s my first time in Malta. I’ve always wanted to go to study English in a country where people from around the world study together, sharing different cultures.
Am Language is an incredible school, everything that I expected when I booked. Beautiful apartments, interactive classes, fun teaching methods …
I have to say thanks to my teacher Seema, without her I wouldn’t have learned all that, her lessons are very fun and she is kind with everyone.
The activities organized by the school are fantastic, you don’t have to worry about anything (excursions, parties, dinners, karaoke…).
It’s an experience I’ll never forget, and if I can , I’ll return to Malta and am Language School.

Serhat, Turkey, November 2015

Hi everybody, I am Serhat from Turkey
I have been in Malta for 5 months and it was my first experience living abroad. Malta is a good place to learn English. I saw a lot of photos on am language page then I chose this school. I started in elementary level, I enjoyed the class very much, I had good conversations with my friends and teachers. When I arrived in Malta I didn’t speak English very well then I met a lot of students and I joined some school activities. Then I started to work in am as an airport representative and my English improved because I gained experience from my work. I want to say thanks to Albert, you are a good person and a good director. Also thank you so much to my teachers: Wayne, Kyle, Seema and Monica. If you come to Malta and to am Language Studio you can meet a lot of students and you can spend time with them, you can join school activities. You should come to Malta and see a lot of good places and views. I am sure it will not be a mistake, you can live unforgettable moments in Malta and in am Language Studio, you will also see some English culture in the streets. I had such a great time in Malta.
Thank you for everything Malta and am Language Studio

Fernando, Spain, November 2015

Hello my name is Fernando, I´m 20 years old. I am from Spain. I came to Malta for three months, now it’s been a month and a half living this adventure. I remember the days before I came here, I was nervous and expectant. I did not know what I would find. The first day I went to school and I remember the whole team was very kind to me, they helped me with everything I needed.
The first days of school I could hardly speak, but thanks to the teachers who are always teaching me, I am learning a lot. Thanks to each of them for being so kind and patient with me and helping me to learn so quickly. Also to improve English at the school there are activities every week, they are all amazing. You can visit from Gozo & Comino in one day to Football or bowling. The leaders are a group of people that make your stay much more enjoyable and fun school. They are great!!
I still have a month to spend here so I will experience many things. If someone asks me someday some advice on English, I will tell you that am Language Studio is the best place to learn and enjoy new experiences. Thanks for all.

Marina, Russia, October 2015

Hi! I am Marina and I am from Russia. I spent two unforgettable weeks in am Language School. I was studying at the Upper-Intermediate level and my teacher was Michelle P. She is the best teacher I’ve ever known! She gave us as much as possible and even more. It was difficult for me to speak English during the first days. But we had a lot of practice and slowly but surely I broke language’s barrier. Now it’s not a problem for me to express my opinion and thoughts. The most interesting things for me were games and other competitions between small groups. It was very funny and helped us to speak more fluently. These courses enriched me with new phrases, structures as well as new words. All my classmates were so positive, optimistic and cheerful! I like them all! I got so much positive impressions from this school, students, Malta! I made a lot of new friends and found the best friend for me. It was great experience because I changed my mind and saw the world from the other side and in another colour. My world view became wider. I also want to thank leaders because they make our holiday so exciting, attractive and enjoyable. Thank you, guys, a lot! I had a lot of fun! This trip was like dream come true for me:-) If you want to have a great holiday and learn English come to Malta to am Language Studio! You won’t regret it because this school is the best.

Eddy, France, October 2015

Hi everyone!!!
My name is Eddy and I come from France. I have been at the school of English in Malta am Language Studio for 2 weeks. I have done this trip for several reasons. The first one was I wanted to improve my English which is crucial for my job, then it was to visit Malta, meet people from all around the world and obviously have fun as well ! All these wishes have been fulfilled in my stay in Malta, it has been a great experience.
Due to the excellent teachers, I have reached the advanced level. As you know, learning a language is not only studying at school but it is also practising English with the other students by doing activities with the school as visiting some places in Malta and going out. The Leisure department at the school is the best option to do it, especially with the leader Jelle Loos; I can tell you that he has been the greatest partner to have the most amazing parties in Malta.
For all these reasons, I highly recommend you to come to am Studio Language to live your own experience which I am sure it will be unforgettable!!

Sharon Jansen, Holland, October 2015

Hi I am Sharon Jansen, from Holland.

I’ve had lessons at am Language Studio for one week at upper-intermediate; I chose it because I’m doing my internship here too.

My teacher was Michelle Petroni. I really enjoyed her lessons, she is very talkative. The most challenging for me was the grammar, but I loved the speaking part. My classmates were so nice, I really enjoyed spending time with them. I didn’t study at home, I preferred to go out with my friends and speak.

My most memorable experience were all the parties with the friends!

My advice, if you want to learn faster: SPEAK A LOT.

Josef, Slovakia, October 2015

I’m Josef Pristic, from Slovakia.

I’ve been in am Language Studio for 4 weeks. If it was possible I’d like to stay longer because it’s a very good opportunity to improve my English skills.

I chose this am Language Studio because I heard a lot of good references about the school and courses and the price is good. You don’t need to think about it– there is only one option, go to Am Language School!!!

I began at Pre-intermediate level and now I’m at Intermediate. I’m sure it will get better because the teachers are very experienced. My teacher is Seema. She is very kind and understanding with every single person.

My problem is listening and speaking. Every single day it’s better, you have to think every day and in every moment in English. I like speaking when I can see my progress. Now I can listen and I’ve learnt how to build sentences.

We go to many activities from school and there we can practise and improve our English.

One year ago, I had private lessons in my country. It was not good because my teacher spoke half an hour only with native language, not in English. Conclusion after one year – minimal progress.

Malta is a very beautiful island with many wonderful places and I would like to return in Malta next year with my family for holiday

Roberta, Italy, October 2015

Hello everybody!
I’m Roberta from Italy. I’ve spent in Malta a very beautiful week studying English at am Language Studio.
During October Malta, Gozo and Comino are three wonderful islands to visit. Summer is not over yet. You can swim in the sea or visit Valletta, the smallest capital in the EU, World Heritage Site by UNESCO.I was amazed to see the paintings by Caravaggio in St. Johns Co-Cathedral.
You can’t miss the visit Mdina, one of the prettiest ancient walled cities you will find anywhere.
There are many other things to see and the “School leaders” are great! A would like to thank Jelle for his kindness, social coordinator during my Valletta tour.
I met many people from all over the world, and English language allows a splendid exchange of cultures and experiences.
Please, let’s save our Earth, we don’t want to go to Mars!
See you around the world

Irina, Russia, October 2015

Hi friends!!!

My name is Irina, I’m from Russia. I’m studying English at Am Language Studio for 5 weeks. It’s my second time here in Malta and at the school Am Language. I’ve always wanted to go to study English in a country where people from different countries come to learn English and when my friend, who was here one year ago, told me about his experience with Am Language School. I was very excited and I decided to come to here directly. I started from elementary level and I improved my English, now I’m in pre-intermediate class. I had excellent teachers – Gina, Seema and Elle. They have different teaching styles and I enjoyed, it was always very interesting. I was very happy to have the possibility to study English with the best teachers I’ve ever known! But also with every of my teacher I have not just formal relations, I feel something more, everyone is very kind and friendly. I felt very pleasant care and attention, I want to say to my teachers thank a lot for everything, your lessons was priceless.

The most challenging for me is grammar, I’m always speaking a lot with everybody and about everything, but I’m not always speaking right and for me it’s very important to know grammar.

At the school and including in my classes I met a lot of wonderful people from all around the world. I love so much this atmosphere, everyone open for friendship, everyone glad to share and enjoy with you and I’m happy to be here. This place gives me unforgettable experiences and emotions. Also I want to thank the leaders and Leisure Department, it’s always an incredible team, cheerful, sociable, energetic, guys who always create incredible atmosphere, friendly and positive. You’re doing a very good and important work. A lot of activities which help spend your time in an interesting way, with pleasure and practicing English with other students.

My advice for everyone – come to Malta to AM Language school and I’m sure you’ll never regret it, it’s the best that it can be!

Alperen, Turkey, October 2015

Hi dear friends,

I am Alperen, from Turkey. I’ve spent unforgettable ten weeks at am Language School. Initially, I wanted to prepare TOEFL exams and one of my friends, who has studied here, recommended this school. I started at Upper-Intermediate level in general class and my teacher was Michelle P. She is one of the best I’ve ever come across. She could keep the full class focused. When I started my lessons, I was shy to speak during the lesson. She encouraged me and helped me to overcome the obstacles. Furthermore, I was preparing for my TOEFL exams with Seema. I learnt the techniques of writing, reading, listening and speaking where I was able to master this four skills, I intend to do exams in the near future. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever studied as well. She was my confidant in Malta. She always had creative solutions for me. Both of my teachers are like my mothers in Malta. I’d like to send special thanks to them for their help and understanding.

I’ve attended so many different activities. These helped me to meet new people and practice my English. They also, helped me to be relaxed after or before lessons. Malta is a small island. When we view from this aspect, there must be limited activities. Nonetheless, you can find many different activities on the activity list which changes weekly.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank all of my friends whom I met. They are the people who made my experience colourful. I will miss you all immensely.

Due to the above reasons, I highly recommend am Language School to live your Maltese experience fully. It was a memorable journey. I will surely come back one day. — with Emre Şişman, Mert Can Karakuş, Alperen Çetinkaya, Tuğçe Karçiğa and Dayane Falcão

Gustavo, Brazil, October 2015


I’m Gustavo, from Brazil. I’ve studied English at am Language for 8 weeks. It was my first time here in Malta. I realized my old dream, which was to live in a foreign country and learn English.

My classmates, flatmates, roommates were AWESOME and they will be UNFORGETTABLE. People from Italy, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Japan, Korea, Czech, Austria, Hungary, Libya, France…. almost all the world in the same class and flat! I had a special teacher, her name is Seema, the best teacher, she helped me all the time, kind, patient, her lessons were priceless.

When I arrived I was scared of my English because it was so difficult to speak English. In a short time, I discovered how fantastic is knowing a language to communicate with people from all over the world, it makes you feel as a citizen of the world, no borders, open-minded, different behaviour, culture…. I met and did a lot of friends, close friends, like brothers.

The extra activities of the school are amazing. There are a lot of things to do, to visit, to go, parties, festivals…. where you can enjoying and practice English with other students. The leaders always were careful, helpful, energetic, positive vibe…

Really I would like to thank everybody who made this period special for me, awesome and indescribable; friends, flatmates, classmates, roommates, Seema and leaders that I shared unforgettable moments in my life.

My advice for everyone, come to Malta and feel this different atmosphere, great places, wonderful beaches, beautiful sea, nice weather and fantastic people of different countries.

I hope to come back in Malta and meet everybody again. I will never forget you and keep in touch please.

Uhuuuu BRAZIL!!

Simao, Brazil, October 2015

Hi my name is Simao! I went to Malta in order to improve both ,my English schools and my CV doing an internship. I booked 1 month there, but now I can feel myself homesick about Malta, there I did a lot of friends at the same time that I was improving my English skills. The school was really good, my teacher Monica Pace was spectacular, she always gave me homework in order to clear my doubts, I’m really grateful to her.

The best thing that I experienced in Malta were the activities, the Leisure Department of am School can give you the best opportunities to enjoy the best things that the island can offers you. Here I have to thank specially Jelle , he is the best crazy leader in the activities.

Thank you Malta, thank you am School and thanks to every person I had the pleasure to share my adventure with.

Caterina, Italy, September 2015

Hi to everyone!I’m Caterina from Rome (Italy) and I have studied here for only 2 weeks. I came here last year too and I decided to come back again because last summer I had an amazing time here in Malta and in this school with its wonderful team. I’ve met more foreign people and find a lot of new friends. I like my teachers because they are very friendly and professional. They taught us so much during the lessons… I enjoyed a lot also with my classmates and the other students that I met during the activities and the school team!!! I recommend you to come to Malta and join my favourite school if you’d rather have a great experience!!!

Romain, France, September 2015

Hi to everyone! My name is Romain and I come from France. I’ve studied at am Language Studio for two weeks. I would like stay longer but I had only two weeks of vacation. I chose am Language for the location and when I looked for a school on internet, this language school was highly recommended. I started as an intermediate. At the beginning, it was difficult for me, but after one week, I was feeling in the right level. The first week, Tessa B was my teacher in the General Course. We worked in improving my grammar. The second week, Tessa A was my teacher in General Course. I enjoyed learning pronunciation with her. Danielle was my teacher Intensive Course for the two weeks. She was my favourite teacher. I liked to speak our minds on different subjects. At first, speaking was the most challenging for me but after it was the grammar. Speaking with other students about some topics was the time I enjoyed the most. My classmates were very friendly. It was a satisfying experience to meet people from all around the world and to discover different culture. Before coming, I hated English because I had a bad teacher in France. But now, I would like to improve my English to communicate with everybody and to have more job opportunities .Now, I’m in my last year of Engineering School and I have to pass a test of English (the TOEIC) with a score of 785. I will never forget w hen I went to Mellieha with a friend to rent a jet ski and when we went to Comino tour and drive jet ski in the caves of the cliffs. It was amazing! My first tip is to study English in a language school (like am language studio) in an English speaking country during at least one month. I’ve stayed only two weeks and it was very short. My second tip is to find a girlfriend/boyfriend from another country.

Ekremcan , Turkey, September 2015

Hi to everyone! My name is Ekremcan and I come from Turkey. I’ve studied at am Language studio for two months. I would have liked to stay longer because it wasn’t enough for me. I’ve met foreign people and found a lot of great friends. Especially the team was awesome. I started at pre-intermediate level and after one week I levelled up . About teachers, they are very professional and they are really trying to teach you English very well. Also I enjoyed a lot with my classmates and the other students . It was really a good experience. I recommend to you come to am Language Studio and Malta. If you really want a good experience Malta will be the best for you.

Erhan, Turkey, September 2015

Hi everybody and arkadasims. I am Erhan from Turkey. I have been in Malta for almost a year and it was my first experience living abroad. In my opinion Malta is the best place for the first time because you can meet with a lot of new friends and cultures. I had chosen AM by reasons of price and activities. And now thanks to AM Language I can explain myself in English, before I was not able to speak well. I always enjoyed in class., lessons were so enjoyable. I will never forget my beautiful teachers. “Michelle P. (My older sister), Michelle C. (My great friend), Monica (my lovely second mother) and others. And who works in the school from head to foot I thank you a lot for your wonderfulness. I also did an internship. I was an airport representative and it was how I improved my English a lot. I want to say thanks very much to Albert. You were my director but I felt you were like a big brother. I had such a great time in Malta with some stories, cultural things and amazing friends. Everyone has to have an experience like that. My advice for everyone who wants to learn English, go to a place where you can speak it on the street. To learn English is to learn the English culture.

Zsofia, Hungary, September 2015

Am Language Testimonial by Zsofia From Hungary. Hi guys! My name is Zsofia. I came from Hungary to study English in Malta for 2 weeks. It was my first time as a student and tourist here and I didn’t regret it. I’ve experienced more than I expected. My teacher was Michelle P who is the best English teacher I’ve ever had. Last but not least, the activities were well organised and entertaining, and I’m very thankful for our leaders because of this. Finally the best thing in this school that everyone has common goals: to learn English and make friends for a lifetime!

Sarah, Germany, September 2015

I’m Sarah from Berlin in Germany and I stayed on Malta for 1 month. First I chose am Language Studio because an agency suggested the school. After I searched on the Internet for a rating about schools in Malta. I read on Facebook the experience of other students from am Language Studio. Their experiences were the main point for my decision. So many happy people after their time at am Language Studio. This was for me the reason that I chose this school. My level is intermediate but I was really afraid to speak and my grammar was horrible. But now I speak the whole time with friends from different countries and it works. The lessons were sometimes very hard. For example in my first week, I didn’t understand anything. But after a few days it was not a problem anymore, except when I was tired because I had been in Paceville the night before. I enjoyed really my time here in Malta. I made lots of friends and find people who are so deep in my heart now that I don’t want to loose them anymore. It was not really just a school, for me that was more finding friends and lovely people and spend time together. English learning comes by the way and the teacher support us as much as possible. The whole time in Malta is my most memorable experience. All the leaders and all the students are so unbelievably awesome. 3 people of them are really deep in my heart: Mariangela, Caglar and Lubomira. Thank you for this unbelievable time here!

Giulia, Italy, September 2015

Hi guys, I’m Giulia from Verona (Italy). I’ve studied in Am Language for two weeks attending the Upper-Intermediate course. I had a very nice native English teacher, Michelle, who taught me how to speak in English through the main slang forms and with the best pronunciation. I met amazing classmates who became my friend group not only during the lessons but also outside the school. We had a lot of fun together and I’ll remember forever the time spent with them, here in the beautiful Malta. My advice for you guys is to choose this school because of the preparation that it provides and also to join the beautiful activities that Am Leisure proposes. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience, see you next year! Giulia

Nurhak, September 2015

Hi everyone in Am Language Studio. I am Nurhak, I am 23 years old. I have been in Malta since the 4th May. I had not been abroad before. My first chance was Malta and I’ve never regretted I came lovely country. Malta is the best place to improve English for people who like hot weather and the sea. I met lots of beautiful people who are from Portugal, Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sicily, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic… Malta is a great country to enjoy and improve English at the same time. I had chosen Am Language and I appreciated the lovely teachers and am’s staff. First of all I joined intermediate class with Lucy, Michelle C., Tessa B., after I was with Michelle P. and Monica in upper intermediate class. They are so good teachers. I really liked learning new words thanks to Michelle Petroni. I am so happy to meet these people. Also when I was doing an internship as a representative in the airport I got on well with my director Albert and my colleagues. I am grateful to them. I have known lots of cultures and I am glad to be in Malta. I would like to come back again. I will miss everybody. In conclusion, am Language Studio is a correct decision. Thank you for everything!

Aneta Obtulovičová, Slovakia, Septmeber 2015

My name is Aneta Obtulovičová, I´m 20 years old and I was born in northern part of Slovakia.I spent three wonderful weeks in September studying at Am Language Studio with the best leaders and the best people from all-over the world. My family relatives recommended me this school and now I can say it was the best choice for me. During my stay in the school I attended upper-intermediate class. I noticed a big progress in my pronounciation and speaking skills. My teacher in general course was Michelle P. She taught me a lot and I can say for sure she is the best teacher I´ve ever met in my whole life! This woman is unbelievable, full of energy and enthusiasm. I fell in love with the specific type of humour she has. During intensive lessons I also got to know Elina and Tessa. I was in a blank amazement how enjoyable an English course can be. They showed me another point of view in studying. Elina used to prepared for us funny and logical games and her pronunciation was so adorable! On the other hand we did some grammar exercises with Tessa which was very important for me and my studies at university. In my opinion there´s no bad teacher in am Language Studio In my experience the most challenging during my studies was speaking and listening. I don´t have any contact with foreign people at home so I enjoyed every second speaking in English and tried to improve myself. At the moment I feel much more comfortable and confident when I hear a native speaker.I´d say I enjoyed the most our team work during lessons. Get to know my classmates, learn about their culture and see their thoughts was very interesting. Usually I used to work alone all the time and this was something new for me. What I really appreciate was the mix of nationalities and ages in our class. My classmates enriched me a lot every single day in school and now I miss them so much! Each of us had own opinion but we were like a dream team. Everyone was so ambitious and hard-working during the lessons. It was a challenging experience which I´ll never forget. I believe that English is necessary in the 21st century and that´s why I try to improve my language skills also at university or English courses. But the best way to learn language is to travel and live with native speakers as long as you can. My most memorable experience in Malta was a trip to Blue Lagoon . I had never seen anything like this before. With my friends, we swam through a cave and got to open sea side. There are no words to describe this place. It was like a miracle out of the blue. I just want to go back and see it again! I´m personally convinced that the am Language Studio is the best opportunity for everyone who wants to learn or improve English. You can study and join leisure activities in the same time, get to know new people and make a lot of friends. Believe me, Malta is beyond your expectations! Thank you so much for the best three weeks and don´t be worry, we´ll see next year in Malta again!

Lubka, Slovakia, September 2015

Hi guys. My name is Lubka and I’m from Slovakia. I spent 3 weeks in Malta. Before I came there I was really stressed because I didn’t know the country, people, my host family. My second family was absolutely amazing. I lived there with my lovely “sister” Sarah and our great time started! At the beginning I had a problem with my host family so I had to change it. It was my best decision. These 3 weeks were the best in my life but the moment when you have to say good bye to all your friends was really the worst moment of my life. I met a lot of amazing people who I will never forget. We spent a lot of time together, did every activity together and had a lot of fun. They are part of my heart for ever! Now I am at home and I would like to come back immediately. I think about Malta every day. This place is really amazing. I’ll recommend this school and this country to everyone, because it is really the best place for improving your English, meet a lot of friends and at the same time enjoy your holiday. Guys thank you for everything, you are really amazing, I love you so much. I’ll never forget any of you and you are welcome in Slovakia. I hope to see you as soon as possible. PS: it is really unbelievable that during only 3 weeks you can make such a close friend, you have the impression that you know them since forever-it is possible only in Malta.

Simone, Italy, September 2015

Hi Guys! I’m Simone and I am from Italy. I spent 2 weeks in Malta at am Language School. I came here alone and at first I was very scared not to find friendly people but from the first moment I arrived, they have been two weeks full of very beautiful surprises: just arrived, my flatmates invited me to the beach and then they cooked for me in the apartment, making me feel at home . I am very thankful to them because my holiday started in the best way! In the school I attended the morning Upper-Intermediate class with Michelle P. My classmates were fantastic! People from Germany, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Japan, etc. almost all the world in the same class! The teacher, Michelle, is the best teacher I’ve ever had, she is very fun, very open-minded, she taught us lots of interesting idioms and useful words of English language and because of her way of being we paid attention all the time to what she said! Before going to Malta I was scared about my English: “what if I don’t understand people?”, “what if the class is too difficult for me” “what if, what if, what if..”, but I discovered they were just my thoughts and the reality was much better! Because I went alone from Italy, I spoke English all the time, no Italian friends with me, and I discovered how beautiful is knowing a language to communicate with people from all over the world, it makes you feel as a citizen of the world, no borders, no political arguments, no language problems, just “we could be so close, like brothers”. It’s a fantastic feeling, you feel open-minded, you feel like you have the entire world at your feet! The Welcome Party is the best idea ever, it’s the perfect way to make new students break the ice each other, and, indeed, at the Welcome Party I met who has been my “holiday-mate” for these two weeks, I’ll never forget her! The activities of the school are fantastic! Lots of things to do, lots of places to visit, lots of parties and festivals to go, and I took part to as many as I could. And what about Malta? Malta is the place of your dreams: fantastic weather, fantastic sea, good people, lots of things to do, parties almost every day, a paradise like Comino, there is really everything for everyone! I really want to thank everybody who made my holiday a fantastic holiday: friends, flatmates, classmates, teacher and leaders! Thank you very much! They were two of the best weeks of my whole life! Hope to see you as soon as possible!

Rosenilda Paixão, Brazil, September 2015

Hello everyone!!! My name is Rosenilda Paixão , I’m from Brazil and I spent 1 month in Malta to study English (intensive course) and enjoying my holiday. When I was planning my trip I made several surveys about English schools in Malta, after sending some emails and visiting some websites, I ended up choosing am Language due to the quickly answer and adjustment to my needs, I read several testimonials praising the school and also all the extra activities are an irresistible invitation. I started the course in pre- intermediate level, after three weeks I did the exam and got the intermediate level. My first teacher was Seema, great person and super professional, I can say that we became true friends. I was also student of Wayne, funny and great teacher, with him I learned a range of new vocabularies. During the last week my teachers were Kyle and Andrew, dynamic and good professionals. The extra activities are an exceptional addition to visit wonderful places, have the opportunity to meet people from around the world and to practice English. The tour to Gozo and Comino was the best, the Blue Lagoon took my breath away, the colour of the water is amazing , a true paradise. For those who want to improve their English and enjoy the natural beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, my tip is come to Malta. I would like to say thank so much the entire staff of the AM language for making this month one of the most fun and unforgettable of my life.

Matteo, Italy, August 2015

I am Matteo and I come from Italy. I have been studying at Am Language Studio for 3 weeks. I chose to come here on my mother’s advices, she thought it would be a good idea. I started as upper-intermediate and I didn’t change of level. My first teacher was Tony, and I liked him because he was really friendly and easy-to-talk-with. Now I have Elin and she is nice too. The most challenging thing for me was Tony’s accent but my grammar is not so good, so I think it was even more challenging ! I really enjoyed the atmosphere during my lessons, it helped me to speak more. My classmates were interesting, because they come from different countries, they have different behaviors, different backgrounds etc.. And we got along easily together ! I learned some words from different languages, it was also nice ! I only studied at the school, not at home. I don’t have a memorable experience yet because I didn’t finish my holidays here in Malta but I am sure that in the end I will have a lot of good memories. My advice for you guys is: don’t speak your own language, and be crazy you are in Malta, you can afford it !

Mehmet Can ÇOBAN, Turkey, August 2015

Hi guys. My name is Mehmet Can ÇOBAN and I’m from Turkey. I studied at Am Language School for 2 months and I m going to study 1 more month. I choosed Am School because my homemate advised it to me. First of all I was in Pre-intermediate class and now I’m in intermediate. Marlon S , Tessa A. and July were my teachers and I want to say to each of them”Thanks for everything”. Also my classmates and my roommates. Even if I moved 6 times , I met a lot of good heart friends. My most memorable experiances are Am Studios Welcome Parties and Gozo-Comino-Blue Lagoon tour for sure ! Who wants to learn English definitely they have to come to Am Language Studio. Thanks for everything.

Marije, Holland, August 2015

Hi, my name is Marije van Wetten and I’m from the Netherland. I studied at Am language Studio during 3 weeks. I chose Am Language Studio because it is not very expensive for what you get. They have great activities and offer good accommodation! I started 3 weeks ago at the level upper-intermediate. Now I’m still on that level, but I’ve learned a lot in those 3 weeks. My teacher was Michelle P. She is an amazing woman, who loves her work and students! Everyday she is full of energy and really wants you to learn something. Her lessons are never boring. We discussed a lot during the lessons, so we were talking all the time. In this way I improved my speaking skills. Michelle corrected me, when I used the wrong grammar. Writing was for me the most difficult part. For me it’s hard to use the right tenses and to write formal. Michelle helped me a lot with this. She checked my letters and corrected them. After that, we had a look at it together. Speaking in small groups about different topics was for me the best part. I like to hear about other experiences and stories. My classmates were really nice! After three weeks my class was totally different from the beginning, but the students were all nice. They were interested and had respect for you. I learned from them, when they made typical mistakes. I want to thank everyone from Am Language Studio! For the lessons and the activities! Especially the Welcome Party and Am Private Boat trip were amazing! The beautiful bays and the amazing people, I’m going to miss you!

Valentina, Italy, August 2015

Hallo, My name is Valentina, I’m 23 years old and I come from Italy. I chose Am Language because a friend of mine had come to this school some months ago and she told me very positive things about it. I had studied at Am Language for two months at Intermediate level, my teachers were Michelle C. , Tessa B. and Lucy. They have different method of teaching, for this reason I had the possibility to improve different skills. With Michelle I learned a lot of new words about several topics, she used to organize competitive games between us, and her lessons were never boring! With Tessa I improved my speaking skills because we often had conversation lessons and I improved my grammar skills as well. Lastly with Lucy my English speaking has become more fluent. In my opinion speaking was for sure the biggest challenge for me. In my class there were many students from different countries, we used to speak about our cultures and it was very interesting for me. With some of my classmates I also organised international dinners, parties and tours around Malta, I really enjoyed with them! There isn’t only “one memorable experience in Malta”, I can’t forget every Welcome Party, the International food festival in Mdina, the Street art festival in Sliema, the South’s Malta tour and the private boat trip around the beautiful Blue Lagoon in Comino. Every single moment in Malta is still printed in my mind! Finally I think that this English course was really useful for myself and for this reason I want to recommend am Language Studio to my friends, but I want also give another advise that a teacher of mine gave me before I left Malta: “Use it or lose it”, so don’t give up talking with friends in English, watching English movies or reading English books! Thank you Malta and thank you AM language, it was an amazing experience!

Dunya van Veenendaal, Holland, August 2015

I’ve been studying English at am language school for four weeks because I’m going to do a study which is completely taught in English. Therefore, I thought it would be good to improve my skills. I followed the intensive course, which means you have three lessons of 1,5 hour a day. My teacher in the morning was Leslie. Because I was in the advances class, there weren’t that many students; approximately 4/5. This was really nice because Leslie could give everyone a lot of individual attention. My teacher in the afternoon was Kyle. We focused mostly on speaking in his class. I really enjoyed those lessons! They were never boring and since speaking is an important part of a language, I think it was very useful as well. Apart from the lessons, the school offers a lot of nice activities. Like going to beautiful beaches, sightseeing, barbecues, and of course; the parties. Because of those activities, my journey was a lot more than just a study trip. In this way you also get to know a lot of new people from all over the world. Everyone is really kind and you easily make friends. The leaders were also very nice and made everybody always feel comfortable. I would recommend am language school to anyone who would like to learn or improve their English! I had an amazing time at the school, as well as in Malta. I’ll be back!

Margherita, Italy, August 2015

Hi to everyone! I am Margherita, I am 25 years old and I come from Italy. I have studied at Am language Studio for two weeks ( but I would have liked to stay there longer). Initially I have chosen Am School thanks to its very cheap prices; but now, after these two fantastic weeks I would choose this school for everything (lessons, Leisure, apartments and nice people that I met). I started from Intermediate Level and I liked very much lessons because we learnt grammar, phonology and a lot of speaking. Only in two weeks I improved my English. My stay was really short, but if someone chooses to stay there longer, he/she can improve and access a higher level. I chose General and Intensive courses and in both class I had two wonderful teachers ( Lucy and Danielle). Both had a very funny and useful way to teach English. In every moment they were helpful. My lessons were always funny and full of things to learn. In my class I met people that come from each part of the world: Turkey, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, France, Japan and other countries.. I learnt something form each of them. Everyone was friendly. Everyone had one goal: to get to know people around the world speaking English. I have a lot of wonderful memories linked to this experience in Malta. If I should describe this experience with one word I would say: FAMILY! From the first moment until the end I have been part of a big, funny, international Family, thanks to the helpfulness and cheerfulness of Am Leisure Team and Am Language School. So without doubts I suggest to everyone this school and this experience. It’s the most beautiful way to learn English and to open your mind. I have just one advice for everyone: don’t be afraid of choosing long time to stay in this school. Everything is so perfect that the time is never enough! THANKS TO ALL!

Berkcan, Turkey, August 2015

My name is Berkcan. I come from Turkey. I studied 3 months at Am Language Studio. I chose Am Language because my agency advised it. When I came here I was pre-intermediate and after a week I changed to intermediate . My first teacher was Danielle . She was very funny and tried to speak with everyone. My second teacher was Robert and the last one was Lucy. Also Lucy helped me about understanding the British accent and with pronouncation. For me the most difficult part was speaking and british accent. The most enjoyable part of lessons was speaking because you hear different accents . My classmates were amazing and they were good people. I learnt their cultures and their languages. For me, every Paceville night was amazing definetly not with the musics but with our friends ! I had fun every time with them. My advice for you guys, try to go every events and make some friends because as for me, without them I couldn’t have fun . Enjoy Malta guys thank you for everything…

Amelie Daudet, France, July 2015

I’m Amélie Daudet and I come from France. I’ve studied at Am Language Studio for 3 weeks. A friend recommanded it to me. The best advice ever ! I was in Upper-intermediate level. My teacher in the morning was Michelle P. and in the afternoon I had class with Kyle. Michelle is so funny and she always put the words in context so that we can really understand. She’s the best teacher I’ve ever had ! I will miss her lessons. Speaking was the most challenging I think. Sometimes it was hard for me to put my thoughts into words, but I can feel that I have improved my speaking. I really liked pronunciation and learning informal words that we usually don’t in my school in France. I’ve met some really nice people from all over the world. This is one of the best part. It really helped me also to improve my speaking skills. My most memorable experience in Malta is Am private boat trip in Comino ! In fact I loved every activities that I did with Am language studio ! My advice for those who want to learn English is come to Am language studio, you’ll improve your English and enjoy your holidays in the same time

Adelyne, France, July 2015

My name is Adelyne Coulon and I come from France, South of Paris. I stay here to study during 1 month. I will leave next week. This week is my third week. I chose Am language studio because I left with CLC and this compagny works with this school. I started with pre-intermediate level but i didn’t feel very well. Now, I’m in elementary. I’m not very good in grammar and I lack the vocabulary. Elementary is better because I learn news words and work my grammar. I feel better. The first week my teacher was Danielle and now my teacher is Wayne. I like their teaching because they explain very well and with their lesson, I can feel that I am progressing. For me, the most difficult is speaking because I’m shy and I am afraid to speak as I haven’t a good level. I really appreciate the work done by playing. I learned a lot of vocabulary through games and I think it is the best way to remember what we learn. My classmates were nice. It’s good to have different nationalities, we find different accents. We can meet a lot of new people. I studied at home, mainly grammar and vocabulary. I had the chance to swim with dolphins. I realized my dream. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. English is really important. I recommend to learn it in Am Language studio. It’s really a good experience. To learn english you really need to practice and watch movies or read books, it is the better solution.

Sara, Italy, July 2015

I am Sara and I come from Italy. I have studied at Am Language Studio for three months. I chose this school because a friend of mine advised it. At the beginning, I started at the Elementary level and I progressed my speaking abilities a lot, and now I’m in Intermediate level. My teachers in Elementary were : Gina and Seema, amazing teachers who reallywanted to help me and other students to improve our English. In pre-intermediate my teachers were: Danielle and Marloon, they had a very good methodology, their lessons are so interesting and dynamic because during their lessons we did different games. In Intermediate my teacher was Lucy, she is very lovely and kind, and has a good methodology and discuss about several topics, in this way I’ve learnt a lot of new words. For me, the most challenging was definitely speaking and listening but I really enjoyed . I’ve met some really nice people from different countries and it was very interesting and my classmates were adorable! I learned a lot with them. I think my most memorable experience in Malta was the Mdina International Food Festival with my international friends. I also really loved Gozo and Comino. My advice for you guys is: go to am Language Studio !!

Lydie, France, July 2015

My name is Lydie, i come from France, I study at Am Language Studio during 1 month. I chose Am language because the activities are not expensive and I had a meeting and discounts by CGOS. I’m a Beginner but I hope to improve my level before my departure. My teacher is Christine Grech. I like her way of teaching because she explains very well and with her lessons, I can feel that I am progressing. For me, the most dificult is speaking because I only had a few courses in France and I’m shy. My classmates are really nice, we all get along with each other. I learned a lot about their nationalities and countries, we exchanged about our cultures. I studied after the lessons when I was in my flat. I strongly recommend the school Am language studio because the teachers are really good and the activities are very cool. My advice is to watch movies in English and speak with other nationalities in order to improve your level.

Celia, France, July 2015

My name is Célia Claudotte, I’m 19 and I come from France. I studied at AM Language Studio during 1 month ; I chose this school because I’ve already been here 2 years ago. Courses and activities were excellent so I decided to come back. Those 4 weeks I was in advanced level, on intensive course. My teachers were Lesley H and Kyle A. Lesley helped me a lot. We worked about everything : grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking which was the most challenging for me. I think I did it more fluently at the end of my stay, using new vocabulary. However, I kept my french accent ! About my lessons, I really enjoyed speaking about many different subjects : food, sports, politics,… and, of course, history of Malta. Also, my classmates had different nationalities. It was a very interesting mix and I learnt a lot from their countries. I have a lot of memorable experiences in Malta, thanks to all the people I met here (I miss them so much..!). I particularly enjoyed the Welcome Party and the AM Private Boat. So if you want to improve your English in a good atmosphere and make friends from all over the world in the same time, choose AM Language studio : you won’t be disappointed!

Janka Stavna, Slovakia, July 2015

My name is Janka Stavna and I am from Slovakia. I´ve studied in Am Language Studio for two weeks. I chose Am because my uncle had recommended it to me and he gave it to me as a gift. I couldn´t imagine a better gift for my 18th birthday! It has helped me a lot. All two weeks I was in advanced level. My teacher was Lesley H. Since I was in a mini group, there was a huge space for the teacher to help me to improve my English. We did many exercises every day, but I enjoyed the speaking more. It has been always the hardest for me –to speak, but I think I improved during those two weeks. I am thankful to Lesley for teaching me so much. I really enjoyed speaking about Malta, experiences, food or differences between our countries and I also learnt a lot from my classmates. Every experience in Malta was absolutely amazing, especially because of the good friends I´ve made, but the most memorable one for me is Isle of MTV. I recommend Am Language Studio to everyone who wants to improve their English, gain more confidence and make many new friends from all over the world. You won´t regret! I want to thank you all – teachers, leaders, friends and classmates. I feel so lucky I had an opportunity to study and spend such a wonderful time with you.

Celine, France, July 2015

I’ve studied at Am Language Studio for 5 weeks and I chose Am Language because of the activities and the city. At the beginning I was in intermediate but I changed for upper-intermediate. I improve my English with my teachers who were Tessa and Michelle.P. For me the most difficult thing in my lessons was the grammar! I’m really bad at grammar it’s my nightmare! But my teacher Michelle is really funny, interesting and she loves her job so I was really exited to go to school. Also my classmates were nice and I enjoyed a lot with them! If I had to choose one thing here to resume my trip, I think I couldn’t say just one most memorable experience in Malta because for me all my trip here has been amazing and I’ll never forget it!

Teodoro Giacio, Italy, July 2015

My name is Teodoro Giacio I come from Italy. I’ve studied for three weeks here in Am Language Studio. I m in Am Language school because a friend of mine advised me that its the best school in Malta. I started in Upper-Intermediate, that’s my current level. I had two teachers. The first one is Tony, he is a very nice person who makes me enjoy learning. The second one is Kyle, one of the nicest person I’ve met in Malta. I had a lot of trouble with grammar, but at the end I improved a lot. In the classroom the most enjoyable thing was to discuss about different topics. My classmates were very nice people and I learnt a lot from them, especially about their country and culture. The Welcome Party was a great experience where you can meet the new students and can enjoy your night with the leaders! I advice this school because the teachers are so nice and you can meet people who is like you !

sarah, France, July 2015

My name is Sarah Rochdi, i come from France. I have studied for 2 weekend in Am school. I chose Am school because it´s cheaper than the other organisms and also it seemed to be very cool ! I stayed 2 weeks on intermediaire level. As teachers I had Caroline in general course, then Robert and Tony in intensive course. They were great, I liked all the conversations we had. I found that the most challenging thing during my studies was definitely grammar ! The thing that I enjoyed the most about my lessons was communicating with everyone in the class. My classmates were really awesome, I will miss them. When I had homework, I studied at home. My last party in Malta was memorable, I will never forget it. Come to Malta, meet people, speak and enjoyed !

Lenka, Slovakia, July 2015

Hi, my name is Lenka. I’m from Slovakia. I’ve been studying here for 2 weeks, but then I realized that’s really short time. Time passes here so fast. I want to stay longer! I will come again for sure. I chose am language studio because my friend’s recommended it to me. During the whole stay I was in upper intermediate class. I had the best teacher ever – Michelle P. She has brilliant accent, great sense of humour and a big heart. My other teacher was Kyle, every lesson started “What did u do yesterday” so there was opportunity to improve speaking skills, laugh and also find out some interesting things about Malta. I like it because the speaking was the biggest problem for me. I really enjoyed leisure activities!!! But if I have to choose one it is MTV isle of Malta smile emoticon.What I love most here are you guys. You are the reason why I enjoyed Malta so bloody great! Thanks to teachers, leaders, classmates, flatmates, friends. Hope to see u again!

Ludivine, France, July 2015

I come from Paris in France. I have been studying here for 2 weeks. My friends advised me to choose this school. I started my lessons at elementary. My teachers are Gina and Siema, they are very good! The most difficult thing for me is speaking but I really enjoyed the games we did with our teacher. I didn’t really study at home. The best memories I have are from the Welcome Party and the visit to Gozo and Comino. The advice I have for those who want to learn English is to travel and speak with the people

Cindy Gonçalves, France, July 2015

I have been studying in AM school for 2 weeks. I chose AM school by chance. I am in elementary Intensive and I progress day by day. My teachers are Gina and Seema. Gina is a good teacher, she is clear in her explanations. Seema is a good teacher too, very dynamic and good listener. I found that speaking was the most difficult because I lacked vocabulary. I enjoyed most oral expression and group work. My classmates were nice I learned new cultures and Turkish vocabulary (pouce en l’air).I also study at home. My most memorable experiences in Malta are Comino Blue lagoon, and Ghajn Tuffieha, I love that beautiful beach. My advice for those who want to learn English? To do language trips for learning English, this is the best thing to do, you learn quickly while having fun.

Sabína Lopašková, Slovakia, July 2015

I studied in Malta for 5 weeks. I chose Am language studio because my best friend was here last year and when we were talking about that I fell in love. She recommended me that. I started and also finished upper-intermediate level. My teacher was Michelle P. She was the best teacher I’ve ever had. I liked her style. Every lesson I was speaking a lot and that was so important for me. I was horrible in grammar and I think now I’m really better at that. I really enjoyed speaking with my classmates and also with my teacher. Sometimes I was surprised what we were doing (for example singing) but that was a great experience for me. I had perfect classmates. We were speaking a lot and not only at school. I was learning English for 4 years in my high school but that was horrible because my school is not languages oriented. I don’t know which is my best memory. That’s hard because I really enjoyed school, parties, every activity and Comino as well. Don’t be lazy and do something for you!

Lukas, Germany, July 2015

I have studied in Am Language Studio for 4 weeks. I chose am because of the cheap price, but I’m happy to study here because of the great activities and the good English courses. I began in the intermediate class, and I’m still there – but I think I’ve improved my English in the ‘normal’ Conversation mostly. My teachers were Robert and Lucy. I like Lucy, that she challenges the students and she brings a lot of fun in the class, because she talks a lot of her own experiences in the past. The most difficult for me is to talk about serious topics. Sometimes, I feel, that I don’t have enough vocabulary and it’s difficult for me to describe things – but that’s also the reason why I’m here. What I enjoyed most? The breaks – no, I’m just kidding. I prefer conversation-examples, because then I feel the progress. Grammar is really difficult. My classmates were all nice and sympathetic. I didn’t remember to find anything wrong. My last English lesson in school was 4 years ago and here in Malta. My most memorable experience here was the am boat Party, the Welcome Parties on Mondays and definitely the good weather. My advice for those who want to learn English? Come to Malta!

Marcel, Germany, July 2015

Hello guys, I’m Marcel and I’m from Germany. I decided to come to Malta to improve my English and to enjoy the sun. This is my second time here and I like this country and the AM language studio: it is the best place to combine study and holidays. I started at the intermediate level and after 6 week I passed to the upper-intermediate course. My teachers were Andrew, Tessa B and Michelle P. I want to thank them for their help. I learned a lot and improved my English skills. Furthermore I met a lot of new people from different countries. That is one of the reasons why I like going to a language school. You find new friends with different cultures and therefore it’s more than only a holiday. Now it’s time for me to go back in my country. I will try to continue my English studies and I just want to say thanks for this amazing time

Stefania Romano, Italy, June 2015

My name is Stefania Romano and I’m from Italy. I’ve studied at AM Language Studio for 7 weeks and I am going to stay other 5 weeks. I chose AM because is a school with high quality classes and the price is cheaper than others schools in Malta. At the beginning, I started at the Intermediate level and I’m still in this level but I progressed my speaking abilities a lot. My teacher was Michelle C. She is very lovely and kind. She has a very good methodology , her lessons are so interesting and dynamic because during her lessons we did different games and discuss about several topics, in this way I’m learning many new words. The most challenging for me was to communicate and listen because in Italy, usually, we only study grammar, but now thanks to the lessons, i’m improving my communication and my ability to understand others when they speak. I enjoyed a lot my lessons when Michelle divides us for teams and invites us to challenge us in different games, I like this method because the lessons are never boring. In recent weeks, I have met many classmates and with each of them enjoyed ourselves, in class we talk and joke among us a lot and once after school with some of them we meet somewhere to keep talking. I am really happy to have met all of them because I learned about different cultures and different ways of thinking. I usually study at home! Alone or sometimes I join my friends and together we go to study at the beach. My most memorable experience in Malta until now was the Mdina International Food Festival with my friends because we had a chance to enjoy a nice evening together tasting many dishes of different cultures. My advice for those who want to lean English is to go in AM Language School because everyone wants to lean English in an easy and enjoyable way!

Annamaria Cataldi, Italy, June 2015

My name is Annamaria Cataldi and I’m from the South of Italy. I’ve been studying English at Am Language Studio for 12 weeks in order to improve my English for my future career. I’ve chosen to study at this school because two friends of mine suggested it for its excellent quality and activities, they were right! I started in upper-Intermediate level and managed to end up in the Advanced level! I had three teachers during my stay: Tessa Bonnici, Monica Pace and, last but not least, Michelle Petroni!! Each of them had a different method of teaching and I’ve learnt a lot from all of them. I’ve spent most of my weeks at AM language studio with Michelle P. It truly was a joy attending her lessons! I’ve refreshed my English grammar and learnt a lot of idioms and new words in an amusing way! I also loved my classmates, a melting pot of cultures, traditions and different backgrounds! I enjoyed the activities that were organized by the school. In my opinion, these activities help a lot foreign students in practicing their English. I enjoyed living here in Malta and I think it’s an extraordinary country. It is situated in the middle of Mediterranean Sea and seems to be a “cocktail” of Italian, Arabic and English cultures, languages and cuisines. I’ll never forget the enchanting Mdina, the capital Valletta, the wonderful beaches and the breathtaking landscapes. I recommend everybody an experience and adventure like this. It opens your mind and enriches your life !

Bich-Van, France, June 2015

Hi, my name is Bich-Van and I come from France. I was just supposed to do my two months internship for my school. Finally I took courses for 3 weeks. I was in intermediate course. My teacher were Lucy and Michelle, I really liked both of them, they were funny and I would like to thank them cause I really improved my level of English. Before coming in Malta, my grammar wasn’t very good, so it was a real challenge for me. I think what I enjoyed the most about my lessons were the speaking activities, when we had to talk about ourselves to know more about each other. I had several classmates, very nice and outgoing people. I liked learning more about them. My most memorable experience in Malta has been to discover the Island. Thank to my trip, I could visit a lot of places, meet a lot of amazing people, especially one. I really enjoyed my trip and if I could give an advice to those who want to learn English is, don’t be afraid to speak English, everyone is here to learn, so just enjoy your trip!

Sina Landvogt, Germany, June 2015

Hello guys my name is Sina Landvogt. I’m from Germany, but I live in Austria in Innsbruck. I stayed in lovely Malta three months. I had to improve my English because of my study program. I’m studying management in an international University. I was 3 weeks in a general English course and then in the business course. I liked going to the school, learning a lot in the lessons and I enjoyed every of them. I learned a lot and I improved my English very fast. My teachers were very nice and polite and they helped me to improving my English. After the school I met every day my friends and I took part on a lot of school activities with my friends. I liked to play laser tag and the Monday welcome parties: I was on every Monday welcome party to say “Hello” to the new students. I met in Malta a lot of new international friends. I’m going to miss the lovely beaches and the lovely islands of Gozo and Comino: the water there is so beautiful and clear, light blue. My best day was the one of the Am private boat trip. We had a whole day a boat only for us and we went in different places around the island of Comino, we drove jet-ski and air sofa. I want to keep improving my English and to keep in touch with my friends from Malta and meeting them again.

Typhanie, France, June 2015

Hi, I’m Typhaine and I come from France. I came to the school AM Language for an internship during two-month. Finally, the school give me the opportunity to take lessons for 3 weeks with my internship. My level was Pre-intermediate and my professor was Marlon during 3 weeks. With Marlon, I learned a lot of grammar, I really needed this. What I liked most about my lessons is the way it is taught. In my school English lessons are different. Here in Am Language I found it more interesting, I liked talking with other classmates. I want to say thank you to Vicky for teaching me enormously in my internship, I learned a lot more I could have thought so. I loved working for her. It was a wonderful experience. When I came here I wasn’t able to speak English very well but finally I had long conversations and understood everything she was saying. It’s a really great school! I met many people, I enjoy many activities. I really recommend everyone to live this amazing experience. I am sad to leave the school and people I’ve met here. So Enjoy you trip in Malta in this school.

June 2015

Ozge, Turkey, April 2016

Although I thought I will never learn English finally I have achieved the aim of my staying here in English thanks to am Language Studio.

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Marco, Italy, April 2016

I decided to study In Am Language Studio for my cousin Rosario, he was studing here last year and he advised me. Now, I can´t regret my decission, I´m so happy.

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Charles, France, April 2016

I can say that living in complete immersion in Malta is a great solution for learning English!

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Tamara, Spain, April 2016

I sometimes think that the best of Malta is the real immersion, forgetting your language and integrating with the lovely environment of people who want to learn English as well.

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Luba, Russia, April 2016

Do you ask why I chose this school? Because the school has a lot of experience. The school has an interesting teacher all with different approaches to learning.

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Federica, Italy, April 2016

I need just three words to find the perfect description of this school: “The Big Deal”. And that´s exactly what this school was for me.

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Marco, Italy, March 2016

I chose AM Language School because a lot of people told me that it is the most important and serious school in Malta. The only advice I can give to those who would like to come here is just do it, because it it’s really amazing

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Sofia , Italy, March 2016

I chose this school because a lot people I have spoken with told me it’s very a very good school , not wrong! am School was really a good choice!

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Lotte, The Netherlands, March 2016

If you want to learn how to speak English better and also want to have a great time then am Language Studio is the place to be.

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Carol, Brazil, March 2016

In am Language Studio I study general course in the Intermediate level and Business course. I went to all the leisure school activities; there are so many fun things to do with the amazing team.

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