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Our course philosophy is simple and effective. It combines the latest innovative teaching techniques with personal attention.


Our Course Philosophy is simple and effective. It combines the latest innovative teaching...

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Introducing the English language in a fun and dynamic manner.

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More than just English, we help students with accommodation arrangements and leisure activities. Led by a young and dynamic team, from the administration office to teachers and leisure personnel, every effort is made to make your experience in Malta one to remember!

Domenico, Italy, September 2016

I'm happy with my choice because Am Language Studio is a well-organized school, with professional and friendly teachers. The lessons are very interesting and funny and every day you can improve your English skills.

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Antonio, Italy, September 2016

I think that if you want improve your English and live a wonderful experience you have to choose Am language school. am Language Studio is well-organised school, with professional and friendly teachers.

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Arca, Turkey, September 2016

Every time in the lessons we have a lot of opportunities to speak so I've improved my English very well. I want to say thanks to my teachers Tessa and Michelle. Both of them are amazing teachers.

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Iago, Brazil, September 2016

I couldn't be more happy with the choice I made. Am Language Studio is a well-organised school, with professional and helpful teachers. The lessons are very interesting and funny. Every single day you can learn different things and develop new English knowledge❣

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Ambra, Italy, September 2016

It was a good opportunity not only to improve my English but also to challenge myself, meeting everyday people from all over the world and sharing ideas and culture. Thanks to this experience I’ve developed my personality and open-mindedness, learning about those who are different from my culture and starting to think in new ways.

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Theda, Germany, September 2016

The lessons were great! I had a super teacher and so many different great classmates. We had a lot of fun in the lessons and I could improve my English, especially my grammar. am Language is a well-organized school and I will come back next year!

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Michela, Italy, September 2016

am Language is an amazing school! I had the chance to improve my English not only through the course, held by a well prepared teacher, but also thanks to the internship I did at the Sales & Marketing office at the school.

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Serena, Italy, August 2016

I spent in am language school 4 weeks and now I can say it is like a second home for me! The lessons were very interesting and it was funny to improve my speaking with the other students in my class changing topic every day!

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Kadija, Switzerland, August 2016

In these four weeks at am language School, I have improved my English with an excellent teacher, a person who takes all her time in helping the students.

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Elena, Italy, August 2016

The best thing of this experience is that you are forced to speak English all day and it became universal language. Teachers are very polite and prepared. Also the level of your class allows you to learn a lot and improve your English speaking and writing.

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Why learn English in Malta

Native English speaking teachers, low cost of living, great leisure opportunities and an English speaking local community are just a few reasons.

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