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Our course philosophy is simple and effective. It combines the latest innovative teaching techniques with personal attention.


Our Course Philosophy is simple and effective. It combines the latest innovative teaching...

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Introducing the English language in a fun and dynamic manner.

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More than just English, we help students with accommodation arrangements and leisure activities. Led by a young and dynamic team, from the administration office to teachers and leisure personnel, every effort is made to make your experience in Malta one to remember!

Sylvain, France, May 2016

In my opinion, am school is the perfect place to learn English because we are with lot of others nationalities and we speak always in English, even during the break, and for me it's the best way to learn English. . am school build a way to learn English efficient and pleasant. For all this reasons, I thank a lot all everybody who work at am school for their kindness and availability.

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Johan, France, May 2016

I chose this school because one of my friend had studied there and told me how good this school is. In fact, my English teachers were awesome because they were friendly with us , they have a lot of knowledge of English and they helped me a lot.

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Sarah, Germany, May 2016

To me it was the best decision to learn English at am Language Studio because I had such a wonderful time! Everybody was friendly and open to meet new people. I had amazing leaders and teachers and I was happy with my host family

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Théo,France, May 2016

Thank you so much to am Language Studio for this amazing experience

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Charles-Antoine, France, May 2016

I can say that living in complete immersion in Malta is a great solution to learn English and a great adventure not to be missed.

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Cigdem, Turkey, May 2016

I would like to say “THANK YOU” to am Language Studio for this amazing experience and for all people who participate in my trip there.

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Rita, Italy, May 2016

I chose Malta because I found a good relation between price and quality. am Language is a good school to learn English , there are good teachers and a perfect atmosphere.

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Tailson, Brazil, May 2016

When I arrived to Malta last November I couldn´t speak any word, it was impossible to understand someone that didn´t speak my language. However, now I´m so proud because I’m able to speak with everybody and I can follow conversations.

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Zara, Italy, May 2016

My Experıence at Am Language was one of the greatest satısfactıons of my lıfe.I would really recommend this school to everybody.

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Flavia, Italy, May 2016

In Malta I learned not only English, but I had the pleasure of meeting fantastic people from all over the world because the school organises a lot of activity

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98%Of our students would recommend us to others

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Why learn English in Malta

Native English speaking teachers, low cost of living, great leisure opportunities and an English speaking local community are just a few reasons.

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